Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 480

He took a glance at his watch and saw that it was half-past ten in the evening. The results will be out before Charlotte returns.

Buttoning his sleeves, he got up and walked toward the children’s ward.

Looking through the glass window, Zachary saw Robbie lying on the hospital bed with rashes all over his good-looking face. He was on a drip while his brows were furrowed in his sleep.

“Mommy, mommy…” Suddenly, Robbie groaned softly in his dreams.

Zachary hurriedly entered the ward and stood beside the bed. He wanted to comfort the child, but he was unsure of what to do, so he could only look at the child shifting in his sleep.

“Mommy will be back soon. Don’t be afraid.” Amelia hurriedly held Robbie’s hand and pat the child’s chest gently.

Soon enough, Robbie calmed down, and his knitted eyebrows relaxed.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Zachary turned to Amelia and ordered, “Stay here and look after the child.”

“Yes, sir.” Amelia squatted beside the bed stayed with Robbie.

However, with Zachary’s presence in the room, Amelia was nervous and started trembling.

Noticing Amelia’s reaction, the man took a glance at Robbie and left soon after.

“Mr. Nacht! Look at this!” Ben ran toward Zachary and handed his phone to the latter.

Taking the phone over, Zachary looked at the screen and saw that it was the information of the three kids.

To his disappointment, the kids had blood type A, which differed from his.

Zachary’s heart almost stopped beating when he saw this, but he continued to read the information, and the date of birth of the kids seemed to add up. Based on my calculation, Charlotte got pregnant after sleeping with me that night four years ago.

However, this can’t prove anything.

Only the DNA test results can determine if they are my kids.

Zachary was restless, as he wanted so badly to get the results immediately. With these thoughts in his mind, he turned to Ben and instructed, “Find out Charlotte’s and Michael’s blood types.”

“According to Bruce’s report, Michael has blood type O while Ms. Windt has blood type A.” Ben opened the folder with the information on his phone and showed it to Zachary.

Looking at the image, Zachary’s emotions were in a complete mess. In that case, the kids inherited Charlotte’s blood type, so it was difficult to tell who their father was.

Zachary turned to look at Robbie while a strong feeling grew in his heart, telling him that the child was indeed his son.

“Sob sob… Robbie…” Suddenly, a squeaky voice sounded from outside the room.

Turning around, Zachary saw two nurses leading Jamie and Ellie into the room.

Jamie frowned in anger and aimed his toy gun at Zachary. “You big meanie! Not only did you bully Mommy, but you also bullied Robbie. I’ll kill you!”

“Ah, don’t. Please don’t.” Mildred hurriedly stopped him and advised, “Jamie, didn’t we make a promise before coming here? You promised not to lose your temper and be calm before knowing the situation.”

“Ms. Mildred, please get out of my way. I want to beat him to death!” Jamie growled in fury.

“Bad guy! Bad guy!” Fifi flapped its wings and let out a piercing scream.

“Meanie… You meanie!” Ellie dashed toward Zachary, flailing her small fists at the latter’s legs.

There was no feeling from her soft punches.

Sensing no reaction from the man, Ellie grabbed his leg and bit down hard.

Zachary froze as he stared at Ellie blankly. He was never afraid of anything, but facing the adorable child as his opponent, he was at a loss.

“Oh my god!” Violet ran to the child and carried her up in her arms to pull her away from Zachary.

However, Ellie hugged Zachary’s leg tightly, reluctant to let go. She looked like an adorable kitten as she attached herself onto the man’s leg and bit down again.

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