Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 486

“Bad guy! Bad guy!”

Fifi talked suddenly and hid behind Robbie. Then, It looked at Zachary timidly from behind.

The three nurses were a little nervous as well. Mildred and Violet stopped their actions and stood there uneasily.

“Uncle Zack, is there anything?” Robbie politely asked.

“You can’t call me that!” Zachary said suddenly. Right after those words coming out of his mouth, he explained again immediately, “What I mean is… “

He used to be calm and all puffed-up. But all of a sudden, he started to feel nervous.

He had never felt that way before. He looked as if he was a child with no confidence and was afraid of saying the wrong thing.

It’s probably the first time Zachary felt so lost ever since he was born.

“Hmm?” Robbie furrowed his brows and stared at him in confusion.

“It’s nothing now.”

Zachary decided to tell the children when Charlotte was there. After all, he had never gotten the chance to be with the children. Instead, there were some misunderstandings between him and the children in the past.

He was afraid that if he acted rashly, he would only scare them off.

Jamie patted his chest and said, “You have scared me! I thought you want a compensation from me.”

“Compensation?” Zachary asked with his brows raised.

“Robbie said I was hugging your leg while sleeping. I even farted on you. So, I thought… “ Jamie looked at him and answered weakly.

Ellie held her baby bottle tightly and asked in a whisper. “Robbie said that I drooled all over your clothes, and your arm was numb because I slept on it. Is that true?”

The corner of Zachary’s mouth lifted up and he gently said. “Mm-hmm, but that’s ok. As long as you guys are happy.”

No matter what the children did or said, he still thought they were adorable in every way.

“I’m sorry. I’ll share my toy with you.” Jamie handed Zachary his Transformers toy and told him sincerely. “I won’t eat potatoes again, so that my farts won’t smell.”

“Haha… “ Zachary burst into laughter. However, he didn’t know how to continue with Jamie’s topic.

Since it was his first day of being a father, he didn’t know how to get along with his children.

Ellie stared at her baby bottle. She decided to give it to Zachary even though she was reluctant to do that. She gritted her teeth and handed him the bottle. “Then… I will share my milk with you too.”

“What are you going to drink if you give it to me?”

What a little darling! Zachary stared at them with the gentlest look ever on his face.

“I… I… “ Ellie blinked her big bright eyes and said pitifully. “I’ll drink juice then.”

After that, she sadly lowered her head and handed him the baby bottle reluctantly.

Her sweet and innocent look instantly melted Zachary’s heart. “That’s so sweet of you! Thanks for sharing it with me, but I don’t drink milk. You can have it!”

“Oh? Is that true?” Ellie hurriedly kept her baby bottle and held it tightly in her arms, as if Zachary would steal it away from her. “That’s what you said! I will give you hot cross bunnies next time then.”

“What are hot cross bunnies?” Zachary asked curiously.

Ellie gestured with her chubby hands and explained. “Hot cross bunny is a kind of bun, it’s very delicious! It looks like a bunny. The ones that Mrs. Berry made taste yummy! But the ones mommy made… Hmm… “

She thought about it for a moment before answering, “Well, they taste okay.”

“Sometimes she just accidentally added salt instead of sugar, so they can be very salty.” Jamie added resignedly, “But mommy’s oatmeal is nice.”

“That was instant oatmeal!” Ellie added hurriedly, “Actually, mommy’s signature dish is creamy tomato soup.”

“You’re right.”

The two of them were discussing their mother’s cooking, one after another.

Zachary listened to them attentively. His lips curled into a smile.

Robbie stared at Zachary in confusion. He felt that something was off about Zachary, but he didn’t know what it was…

That evil guy seemed to become cordial all of a sudden.

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