Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 488

“Are you sure?”

Jamie turned his head to look towards Zachary, thinking about how he got him with his legs to prevent him from falling off the bed. In order not to wake Jamie up, Zachary even let him hug his legs all night long while sleeping. He had been standing in an odd and difficult pose for hours…

Therefore, Jamie couldn’t help but nod his head. “Oh, right. I think he is not bad too.”

“He didn’t complain about my saliva and let me sleep on his arm. Oh, by the way, he gave me a piggyback ride last time.” Ellie was trying to recall all the good things that Zachary did. Finally, she concluded seriously, “Alright then, I also think that he is a good guy!”

“Good guy! Good guy!”

Fifi repeated after Ellie, flapping its wings and flying around.

“So, we must be polite to him in the future. Okay?” Robbie reminded them in a serious tone.

“Understood!” Jamie and Ellie answered together.

“Mr. Robbie, Mr. Jamie and Ms. Ellie… “ Raina crouched down in front of them and smiled. “From now on, your identities have been changed.”

“What is going on?” Jamie tilted his head in confusion.

“Unless… Has Mr. Henry already bought the island?”

Ellie vaguely remembered that Mr. Henry once said to buy an island and be the king of his own island. Hence, the three of them would become real princes and princess.

“You’ll know soon.” Raina patted on their heads and said gently. “I’ll prepare a room for you guys now. Let’s get some rest in the hospital today, okay?”

“Okay!” They nodded their heads with a blur face.

Then, Raina left. The three children went back to the room and continued eating their breakfast before visiting Mrs. Berry.

The three nurses led them to another building. When they passed through the corridor, the nine bodyguards bowed their heads immediately.

The three children were shocked. They hurriedly stopped in their tracks and bowed in return timidly.

Before they walked into the elevator, two of the bodyguards quickly walked ahead of them and checked it carefully. Then, they held the elevator door for them and waited for them to go in.

The three children stared at each other with a clueless expression. They were confused, but they didn’t dare to ask.

The three nurses were cautious and anxious as compared to how they were before. They even changed the way they addressed the three of them. They used to call the three children by their nicknames. But then they started to address them as Mr. Robbie, Mr. Jamie and Ms. Ellie.

Besides, the three nurses would use both their hands when passing things to them. They wouldn’t treat them as casually as how they did before.

In the past, the three nurses would have chats and even dozed off sometimes when they were lazy. But now, they were always on standby and didn’t dare to delay at all.

That was making the three children feeling more uneasy and anxious. They had no idea what was going on.

As they stepped out of the elevator, they were shocked again.

The remaining seven bodyguards had already been waiting for them downstairs respectfully. Six of them were lining up neatly in two rows, while one of them was standing beside the car.

The three children exchanged glances. They were all terrified.

Then, Jamie came closer to Robbie, covering his mouth with his hands and whispered. “Robbie, what exactly is going on?”

Ellie hid her face behind Fifi and asked in with a very soft voice. “Did Mr. Henry really buy over an island? Are we going to be crowned? Are we really going to be real prince and princess?”


Robbie looked dazed as well. He used to think that he was smart, but he was clueless on what was going on.

Anyway, the answers would be revealed that night.

“Don’t worry.” Robbie comforted Jamie and Ellie. “Mommy is going to be back soon. We will find out what is happening when she’s back.”

“Uh huh.” Jamie and Ellie nodded firmly.

“Mommy, Mommy… “

Fifi lowered down its voices while looking at those people. It looked to be a little restless and uneasy too. If the three children were to become princes and princess, did that mean it would be the royal parrot?

Fifi held its head high with pride when it thought about that.

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