Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 490

On the other side, Zachary was still feeling emotional while looking at the DNA test report.

He felt like he was dreaming for receiving such great surprise all of a sudden.

In fact, God was so generous to him. He had been given all the best things in the world.

The three children were like angels coming to his life…

However, he hated himself for not taking the DNA test right away when he learned about the existence of the three children. Instead, he even doubted that the children weren’t his… I am a bloody fool!

Thinking about that, Charlotte must have been extremely sad and disappointed…

She was probably hiding the truth because she was scared.

Zachary was so regretful when he thought about the time when he punished Charlotte in a violent and harsh way..

Stupid Woman, why don’t you tell me?

He swore to himself that he would do everything he could to make it up to her in the future. He wouldn’t ever let her suffer anymore…

Ben couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. “I can’t believe things could take a turn at this point. You don’t have to worry about anything now. No matter what Ms. Nacht is up to, she can’t deny the existence of these three children. You have not only one but three heirs to the family now. Nobody can threaten your position!”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Zachary wasn’t happy because of the three children could help him maintain his position in the family. He was delighted because they were his flesh and blood!

He was even upset about that in the past. He had finally come to the realization that it was actually a misunderstanding.

“Of course. Most importantly, Ms. Windt has never betrayed you.” Ben certainly knew what was on Zachary’s mind.

Zachary ordered, “Send more men to guard the hospital so that Zara won’t have the chance to play any tricks.”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht!”

Their car soon arrived at the entrance of Serene Hospital as they spoke.

Spencer didn’t wait for them as promised. Instead, he sent somebody over.

“What happened? Has Mr. Nacht’s condition worsened?” Ben asked anxiously.

“No. It’s Mr. Blackwood. He came by to visit Mr. Nacht.” the bodyguard answered. “Mr. Spencer greeted him personally. That’s why he sent me here.”

“Mr. Blackwood came alone?” Zachary frowned and asked.

“He came along with Ms. Blackwood. But, Mr. Spencer rejected to meet her as per your instruction. So, he only let Mr. Blackwood in,” the bodyguard said cautiously.

“Alright.” Zachary nodded in satisfaction.

“Don’t worry. Spencer is always cautious and efficient. He makes no mistakes,” Ben assured him.

Zachary quickened his pace. He held the test report tightly in his hands, with a happy glow in his eyes. He couldn’t wait to let Henry know about the good news.

The three children whom he loved the most were actually his great-grandchild.

Zachary couldn’t imagine how happy Henry was going to be when he heard that.

As soon as they arrived at the ward, Spencer was about to send Taylor off. He greeted Zachary when they met, “Zachary, you’re here.”

“Yes.” Zachary nodded in response, “Thanks for coming by to visit Grandpa!”

“We’re family. It’s what I should do.” Taylor blurted out those words without any hesitation. He then added, “I’m your father’s best friend, as well as Mr. Nacht’s close friend. Based on our relationship, we are more or less a family.”

“Yes. Thank you.” Zachary smiled, “After Grandpa recovers, I’ll visit you in person to thank you.”

In fact, he was going to visit him and break off the engagement.

“It’s fine.” Taylor smiled and said, “I shall get going.”

“I hope you are ok with walking yourself out.” Zachary nodded politely.

Taylor left quietly. He stopped and turned back to him after walking a few steps. “Zachary, do you know Richard Windt?”

Zachary stopped himself from stepping into the ward and stared at him with a puzzled expression. “Huh?”

“I’m not sure if I should be telling you this… “ Taylor seemed to be in a difficult position. He wanted to say something but hesitated, “With regards to Ms. Windt, she… “

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