Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 500

Zachary immediately caught her with his arms, but he had no idea how to hold a little kid. Thus, he gripped her legs with one hand and held her body with another hand. He held her tightly so she didn’t fall.

“I want to see Mommy! Mommy…”

Weeping loudly, Ellie hugged his neck and rubbed her face against him. She wiped her snot and tears with his clothes.

“Bad guy, I’ll call the police if you don’t bring me to Mommy.”

Jamie took off one of his shoes and threw it at Zachary.

“Please take us to Mommy.” Although Robbie was calm, he was determined to see his mommy.

Fifi flapped its wings and kept circling above Zachary. “Mommy! Mommy!” it said repeatedly.

Zachary closed his eyes and felt like crying too.

“Kids, calm down. Your mommy…”

Ben stepped in and was about to ease the situation. Suddenly, he sensed that something sticky fell upon his head.

He reached out to his head and got a handful of Fifi’s droppings!

Ben raised his head and glared at Fifi with anger.

The parrot stared at him while flapping its wings.

Ben clenched his teeth as he stared at Fifi. He made a sudden move and Fifi hurriedly flew to Jamie’s shoulder out of fear.

“How dare you bully Fifi!”

Jamie took off another shoe and flung it at Ben.

It hit Ben right on his face.

Ben’s mouth twitched slightly. Kids are monsters!

“Stop crying!”

Zachary could no longer contain himself.

Ellie froze for a few seconds and glanced at Zachary. After that, she cried even louder than before.

Jamie took out the phone angrily. “I’m calling Mr. Henry. I’m going to tell him that you’re a bully!”

“We want to see Mommy! If you don’t bring us to the hospital, we’ll call the police!” Robbie pouted and confronted Zachary.

Zachary turned to Ben and bellowed, “Ben! Do something!”

“Mr. Nacht, I… I…”

Ben pitifully stretched his arms and showed Zachary the droppings and Jamie’s little shoe.

Zachary frowned, then he looked at the nurses.

They quickly waved their hands while shaking their heads. “We… There’s nothing else we can do. Once they start crying, no one can stop them except Ms. Windt,” Amelia said.

“Yes, she’s right. We can only let them have their way.” Mildred simply muttered.

“Ellie, don’t cry. I’ll give you…” Violet tried to calm Ellie down.

Ellie raised her head and continued to wail miserably. Her cries were ear-splitting like the cries of a wolf.

Zachary couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

For the first time in his life, he heaved out a sigh of desperation. He was at his wits’ end. The triplets were driving him crazy.

He wanted to comfort the three of them so that they could eat well and sleep well while waiting for their mommy to come home. However, things didn’t go his way. They asked him to take them to the hospital instead.

He felt that he was at a loss when dealing with them.

“Alright, I’ll take you to the hospital to see Mommy but you have to stop crying!” Zachary decided to compromise.

With an immediate effect, they stopped crying in a flash.

Do they have a switch or what?

“And you have to promise me this. We can only stay there for a short while. The hospital is where people receive treatment. We shouldn’t disturb the others. Besides, Mommy can recover quickly only if she rests well. Do you understand?” Zachary patiently explained to them.

“Yes. We promise you!” Robbie nodded obediently.

“Jamie?” Zachary looked at Jamie.

“I’ll follow Robbie. But you must not lie to us again,” Jamie replied stubbornly.

“Don’t hit people with your shoes.” Zachary said with a stern expression.

“I’ll see how it goes.” Jamie was not afraid of him at all. He turned away and said arrogantly, “I didn’t take my gun with me today, so I have to use my shoes as weapons.”

Zachary was speechless. Well, it takes time to educate kids.

He then turned to Ellie. Before he asked, Ellie already raised up her hands. “I won’t cry anymore if I see Mommy.”

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