Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 501

Zachary brought the three children to Kindness Hospital.

Outside the ward, Zachary had one child on each arm, with the third one was sitting on Zachary’s shoulder. It was as if they were monkeys hanging from a huge tree.

The children gawked at Charlotte, who was in a deep sleep, through the glass door.

With both her hands on the glass window, Ellie’s eyes brimmed with tears while her little lips puckered up.

Robbie and Jamie’s eyes reddened as well. They didn’t dare to cry but their eyes were filled with worry.

“Kids, Mommy is just sleeping because she was exhausted. Mommy will be able to go home after two days. Be good and go home to rest, alright?” Raina gently reassured them.

“Dr. Langhan, what happened to Mommy? Is she sick?” Robbie looked at her with reddened eyes while he asked anxiously.

Raina replied smilingly, “Mommy has a cold and she’ll be fine after resting for a few days. Even children can catch a cold, so wouldn’t it be normal for adults to catch a cold too? It’s nothing serious, you don’t have to worry.”

Robbie felt that something was wrong as he lifted his head to look at Zachary and asked, “A cold? Didn’t Uncle Zack say mommy was hurt?”

Zachary’s expression froze as he wasn’t good at lying, especially when it came to children.

“Uh, that…” He paused momentarily, then immediately gave an excuse by saying, “That’s because she caught a cold and wasn’t feeling well, hence she tripped and injured herself while she was walking.”

“Mommy is so pitiful…” Sob, sob. Ellie’s heart ached for her mother. Her lower lip protruded and she started crying sadly.

“I want to go in and see Mommy. Can we go in?” Jamie tapped on the glass window anxiously.

“It’s better not to go in since Mommy is very weak right now and she needs some quiet time. You don’t want to disturb Mommy, right?” Raina advised softly.

“But…” Even though Jamie was a little disappointed, he nodded his head because he truly cared for his mother. “Alright, I won’t disturb Mommy.”

Ellie covered her little mouth to stop herself from crying out loud but tears continued rolling down her cheeks.

Zachary felt relieved as Raina finally managed to coax the children into silence.

“Alright, it’s time to go back and sleep.”

He didn’t want the children to wake Charlotte up as she finally was able to fall asleep. If she woke up and started acting crazy like before, not only that would frighten the children but she would suffer as well.

“Then are we coming to visit Mommy again tomorrow?” Robbie tilted his head as he asked Zachary.

“As long as you are well behaved, we can come and visit Mommy. So, go back and have a good sleep after eating your dinner. No more fussing.” Zachary carried the three children and left.

“Okay, I’ll be good.” Jamie promised instantly in order to see his mother.

“Me too.” Ellie raised her tiny chubby arm while she promised. However, fearing that she might fall off, she hugged Zachary’s head immediately.

As the eldest of the bunch, Robbie uttered, “I’ll look after them. Uncle Zack, thank you for taking care of Mommy. We will repay your kindness when Mommy wakes up.”

“The best way to repay me is to be obedient.” Zachary was afraid that they might create another fuss again.

“We will be obedient.” Robbie promised instantaneously.

“Me too. I won’t hit people with shoes anymore.” Jamie glanced at Zachary timidly while he softly apologized.

“I won’t rub my tears and snot on you too…” Ellie sniffed forcefully while admitting that.

“…” Zachary was dumbfounded for a moment then he uttered, “Good children!”

The three of them had been fussing the entire time before they saw their mother, and after they were finally able to see her, they felt a little more at ease. Before he knew it, the children had fallen asleep in Zachary’s arms.

Afraid of falling off, Ellie grabbed Zachary’s hair with both her hands and her tiny body leaned against his head while she dozed off.

Zachary quickly handed Jamie, who was fast asleep to Ben and Robbie to Raina, then he carefully carried Ellie in his arms.

Ellie rolled over and faced him. Her small chubby hands tugged at his shirt as she drifted off to sleep.

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