Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 502

“Dr. Langhan, put me down. I can walk by myself.” Robbie had always been an exceptionally well-behaved and understanding child. He seemed mature compared to children his age.

After putting him down, Raina walked next to him while holding his tiny hand.

While carrying Jamie in his arms, Ben shivered after recalling this child hitting him with his tiny leather shoes previously. He couldn’t imagine what a terror he would be after growing up!

At the same time, while being in Jamie’s arms, Fifi looked at Ben timidly and its little eyes darting around. It was probably wondering if Ben would snap its neck after it had pooped on his head earlier.

Ben deliberately glared at it, then Fifi hurriedly flew to Robbie’s shoulder out of fear.

Robbie looked over at Ben, who immediately flashed an ingratiating smile at him.

Robbie was most likely to be the future heir, so it was better not to offend him.

The moment they stepped out of the hospital, they suddenly heard a familiar voice. “Mr. Zachary!”

Zachary turned around and saw Spencer standing in the corridor while smiling at him.

“Hello Mr. Spencer!” Robbie greeted politely.

“Good boy, Robbie! It’s so late, why aren’t you sleeping yet?” Spencer went over and uttered gently.

“I’m here to see Mommy. Thank you for your concern.” Even though Robbie was tired, he did not forget his manners.

“Silly boy, it’s my pleasure. Have you gotten used to staying at Uncle Zack’s place?” Spencer squatted down and caressed Robbie’s head gently.

Robbie replied politely, “It’s fine. Jamie and Ellie are exhausted, Mr. Spencer. I’ll go back with them to get some rest. See you next time.”

Spencer patted his tiny shoulder and uttered, “Alright, see you next time! If anything happens, feel free to contact me anytime. Mr. Henry’s phone is turned off and you have my number.”

“Got it, thanks Mr. Spencer.” Robbie replied courteously.

“Send them back.” Zachary handed Ellie to Raina and turned to look at Robbie. “I’ll accompany Mommy at the hospital, then go back to see you guys tomorrow. Be good!”

“Yes.” Robbie nodded his head, turned around and left.

“Yes.” Accompanied by a few bodyguards, Raina and Ben entered the car with the children.

Upon seeing them leave, Spencer said smilingly, “Mr. Zachary, care to talk for a bit?”

“What do you want to talk about, Mr. Spencer?” Zachary turned around and entered the inpatient building.

“Ms. Charlotte is the mother of these three children?” Spencer asked softly.

“Yes.” Zachary wasn’t planning to hide the truth anymore because he knew there was no point in doing that. In addition, since the three kids were his, Henry could no longer oppose Charlotte from being part of the family.

“Then, the three kids are…” Spencer was trying to probe further.

“I’ll fill Grandpa in with the details after he wakes up.”

Zachary thought he should tell Henry about this matter personally, and it was better to keep a low profile for now.

“Noted. Sorry to disturb you.” Spencer nodded in response.

Zachary arrived at Charlotte’s ward and saw her sleeping soundly. It must be due to the sedatives.

He got on the bed and lay on his side. While hugging Charlotte, he gently brushed her messy hair with his fingers. Then he whispered to her ear, “Don’t be scared, I’ll never leave you again.”

Throughout the night, although everything seemed calm and peaceful, Zachary had an overwhelming feeling bubbling from within. It was as if he could predict something bad was about to happen…

As the time slowly ticked away, soon it was already daytime.

After experiencing such a hectic and strenuous time, Zachary was extremely exhausted. Even though his initial plan was to look after Charlotte, instead, he had fallen asleep with her in his arms.

That morning, he suddenly felt someone gently caressing his brows, then he jumped up instantly and saw it was Charlotte’s pretty face in front of him.

Instead of her being crazy and out of control like the previous night, Charlotte’s expression was rather calm while she stroked his face.

“You’re awake…”

Before Zachary was able to finish his sentence, Charlotte passionately kissed him.

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