Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 504

“It’s alright. It’s not too late, we still have time…” While he gently stroked her hair, he uttered softly next to her ear, “When you are feeling better, we will go home and have a grand wedding. The children will definitely be thrilled about it and Grandpa will be very happy too.”

“Wedding…” Upon hearing Zachary’s words, Charlotte indulged in her imagination and pictured the children’s bright smiles and Henry’s kind and loving face.

At the thought of that, Charlotte’s lips curled into a wide smile as she hugged Zachary tightly. She was eager for that happy day to arrive.

In a split second, she felt a sudden sharp pain coming from her arm. Her body froze instantly as she bit her lower lip forcefully to endure the immense pain.

Charlotte was brought back to the moment where several black figures held her down and injected her with an unknown drug.

However, that drug was like a ticking time bomb as it caused her to lose control of her emotions for a period of time, and at other times she felt as if a knife was slicing through her and the pain was excruciating.

She was very scared and afraid that the drug would destroy her. She was even more terrified of what horrifying things the drug would make her do and possibly hurt the people she loved.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Zachary felt Charlotte’s body tremble and he asked hurriedly.

Charlotte tried her best to endure the immense pain while uttering in a trembling voice, “My wound hurts… Where is Raina?”

“I’ll ask her to come over right away.” With that being said, Zachary rushed out to look for her.

Right after, Raina entered the room and attended to Charlotte’s wound immediately. However, she did not proceed with any other treatments.

While holding back her doubts, Charlotte tried to ask calmly, “Dr. Langhan, have you checked? Are there any other problems with me?”

“Apart from the trauma on your back and limbs, I haven’t found any other problems for now.” Then Raina continued to ask, “Ms. Windt, are you feeling discomfort anywhere else? You need to tell me so I can treat you accordingly.”

“This arm hurts…” Charlotte lifted her right hand strenuously. “The pain was around the wrist previously, but now it has not only spread to the elbow, it is also slowly traveling upwards all the way to the brain…”

“I’ll arrange for you to be examined right away.” Raina immediately ordered, “Take an x-ray to see if her bone is fractured.”

“Don’t worry. Raina is an excellent doctor, she will definitely be able to cure you,” Zachary uttered reassuringly.

“Yes.” Charlotte nodded her head.

Right after, Ben, who was standing outside of the ward, said that he had something important to report to Zachary.

“I’ll go out for a while and accompany you later.”

Zachary kissed Charlotte on the forehead and left in a hurry.

After the door was closed, Charlotte asked Raina in a low voice, “Dr. Langhan, is there really nothing else wrong with me?”

“Hm?” Raina was taken aback for a moment, then she asked worriedly, “Ms. Windt, so far I have performed a variety of tests on you and I have yet to find any problems. Are you… Are you suffering from any other injuries? You have to tell me.”

“No, but my arm hurts.”

Charlotte began to wonder if she was being paranoid since Raina didn’t find anything else that was wrong with her tests either. Perhaps, that injection was only to put her asleep and it wasn’t anything serious.

The pain in her arm could also possibly be the aftermath of getting hit, and it would get better after some time.

As for the moments when she lost control of her emotions due to the pain, that might be due to shock.

“Don’t worry, I’ll arrange for you to be examined right away. It’ll be fine.” Raina uttered reassuringly.

“Alright, thank you.”

Feeling drained, Charlotte leaned back on the bed while noticing the pain in her arm slowly fading away.

The attack I had yesterday seemed to have lasted for a very long time, whereas it was only a minute or two today.

It certainly looks like I might have been overthinking. Maybe there really isn’t any other problem and I’ll be fully recovered in a few days.

While being in her thoughts, Charlotte slowly drifted off to sleep.

Then Raina tucked her in and pushed her for her arm x-ray.

Soon, the results came back. Charlotte’s right arm bones were fine, however, there was some damage to her muscles. That might be the cause of her pain, but mainly it was from the excessive shock she had experienced.

After her analysis, Raina wrote them down on the examination report.

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