Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 505

Zachary went to visit Henry, whose condition still remained the same as before. Sometimes, he would be awake, while the other times he would pass out. His condition had not worsened, nor had it gotten better.

Henry’s attending attending physician told Zachary that in fact, as long as his condition wasn’t deteriorating, he would be considered stabilized. In addition, he would also be able to slowly regain his health as long as he received treatment.

Zachary let out a sigh of relief as he believed that only a matter of time before Henry woke up, and that would be very soon.

If Henry were to know about the good news, he would definitely be very happy.

Zachary couldn’t wait to start preparing for the wedding as he wished to provide Charlotte and the children a secure and happy home.

Moments later, Johann phoned Zachary personally as something came up in the company and they needed him to go there and attend to it.

When Zachary went back to the company, he was no longer aloof and arrogant as before, but instead, he was rather approachable.

The moment he walked into the office building, the security guards and receptionists stood in two straight rows while greeting him respectfully, “Good morning, Mr. Nacht!”

“Good morning everyone!” Zachary responded in an unprecedented manner.

Everyone froze on the spot. The high and mighty Zachary, who always acted extremely arrogant and never seemed to acknowledge anyone, would never have responded. And now, they were baffled that he actually took the initiative to greet them.

The staffs looked at each other in disbelief and wondered if they had heard wrongly.

Could it be that Mr. Nacht had a change of attitude after not coming to the office for a few days?

Everyone was confused to see a smile on Zachary’s lips as he stepped into the elevator.

Ben knew what was going on and he was happy for Zachary.

At last, him becoming friendlier was like a huge iceberg that had melted, and the seemingly impossible became possible.

When they arrived at the president’s office on level 68, Lucy and the rest of the staff, who were already waiting at the entrance of the elevator, bowed and greeted Zachary, “Good morning, Mr. Nacht!”

“Good morning everyone, you’ve worked hard. Breakfast is on me today, so go to level 17 and order whatever you like,” Zachary responded casually.

“…” Everyone was utterly shocked. Is this Mr. Nacht? The cold, ruthless, high and mighty Mr. Nacht?

Zachary frowned, “What is everyone standing around for? Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“Yes, we hear you.” All the secretaries nodded their heads instantly.

“Thank you, Mr. Nacht.” Lucy was the quickest to respond.

“Thank you, Mr. Nacht.” Everyone followed and thanked Zachary.

“Alright, don’t let your work be affected. Take turns and go in different groups.” He added a word of caution.

“Yes.” Everyone uttered and bowed respectfully.

While Zachary walked into the office, Lucy reported to him some of the company matters that had happened that week. “Mr. Nacht, Mr. Sterk, Mr. Murphy and Mr. Wright are waiting for you in the meeting room.”

Zachary had been busy with family matters for a few days and didn’t go to the company. Even though he had gone through all the documents on a daily basis, a lot of work had piled up nevertheless.

The moment Zachary stepped into the meeting room, Mr. Sterk and the others stood up immediately and greeted, “Mr. Nacht!”

“Good morning everyone, please take a seat.” Then with a gesture, Zachary continued, “None of you have eaten breakfast, right? I haven’t had mine either. Shall we?”

The few directors stared at each other while wondering if they had heard wrongly. Or perhaps, was Zachary indirectly implying something?

“Ben,” Zachary uttered.

“Yes.” Ben stepped forward.

“Please ask level 17 to prepare some breakfast and have them sent here.” Zachary glanced at his watch and chatted with the directors casually. “I’ve troubled you these few days. As I was attending to my family matters, you have been taking care of the company.”

“No trouble, no trouble at all.” The directors were somewhat perplexed as they were more terrified than usual. They wondered what hidden agenda Zachary had.

“Mr. Nacht, is everything fine at home?”

Johann knew about Henry’s condition and thought that something might have happened to him, hence Zachary was trying to seek their help.

“Everything is fine.”

Speaking of family, Zachary couldn’t help but utter smilingly, “In a few days, I’ll be announcing some good news.”

“Good news?” The directors were extremely shocked to hear that. Not only the company was facing some problems, even Henry had not been seen for quite some time. What good news could it possibly be?

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