Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 506

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Zachary let out a mischievous smile then he began to ask about work-related matters.

The few shareholders immediately highlighted some important events that had happened in the past few days. The most troubling one was after launching the new technological products, some problems started to arise. With more than thirty customers around the world filing complaints at the same time, this problem had become the trending topic that was circulated everywhere.

As a result of that, there was a lot of media attention on that matter. They were afraid that if there wasn’t any reasonable explanation given to the public, it would affect their reputation in a bad way.

After Zachary had gone through the information regarding that matter, he uttered indifferently, “Recently, I have been using that particular product and there wasn’t any problem with it. Go and check if those customers who complained are connected in any way.”

At that moment, the shareholders turned their heads and looked at Johann while he responded, “I also suspected if they were filing complaints deliberately, therefore I have investigated the group of customers. So far, I didn’t find anything fishy about them. It may be necessary for you to take action in order to find out the hidden agenda behind this matter.”

Zachary raised an eyebrow at Bruce and stated, “Did you hear that?”

Bruce nodded and replied, “Understood. We will investigate this matter immediately.”

“Allow Public Relations Crisis to deal with the media. I’ll come up with a solution when I receive the investigation results from Bruce’s team.” Zachary looked at the dates and asked Bruce, “Will three days be sufficient?”

“Yes. I’ll come up with a detailed investigation report in three days,” Bruce replied.

“Is everyone satisfied?” Zachary looked at the shareholders.

“We are relieved to have Mr. Nacht settle this matter.”

The few shareholders let out a sigh of relief. There was only so much they could do as there were many tricky issues that needed to be sorted out by Zachary.

After all, he was a very resourceful man. With power like that, any problem could be solved as long as he was around.

“Are there any other problems?” Zachary was sorting out matters one after another.

“The newly developed intelligent products are stuck in a phase.” Johann presented a VR design program on his laptop. “This series of products was originally intended for children’s educational purposes. However, there are a few problems now that cannot be solved…”

Zachary moved the laptop closer to him as he glanced at it carefully, then he frowned, “I’ve already given my feedback regarding this project before, why hasn’t it been solved yet?”

“The R&D department hit a blind spot…” Johann recounted the related technical problem meticulously.

After listening to that, Zachary saved all of the information and said, “I’ll go back and study these tonight, and give you an answer tomorrow morning.”

“Alright, thank you Mr. Nacht. That is all from my side.” Johann let out a sigh of relief.

“Alright.” Zachary nodded and looked at the others. “What about everyone else?”

Theo, who was in charge of the market uttered, “Me… Divine Corporation’s market has always been stable, so there aren’t any problems generally. However, now we are facing a crisis.”

“Go on,” Zachary responded impatiently.

After a moment of consideration, Theo stated cautiously, “I’ve received news that Lindberg Corporation is going to penetrate into the domestic market. I’m afraid that they would become our biggest competitors.”

“What? Lindberg Corporation is going to penetrate into the domestic market?”

Upon hearing that, few of the shareholders were panic-stricken.

Over the years, Nacht Group had been monopolizing the Asian Pacific market and was ranked the top, with Lindberg Corporation being their only competitor.

On the other hand, Lindberg Corporation had only been focusing on the European market previously, and as a result of that, there wasn’t any conflict between them and the Nacht Group. However, as of now, they were thinking of penetrating into the domestic market too.

The Nacht family and the Lindberg family had always been each other’s greatest rivals, and there was even a feud between both their previous generations.

Furthermore, the legendary Mr. L, who was in charge of Lindberg Corporation, was known to be ruthless and would do anything to achieve his goal. Besides that, Lindberg Corporation was once involved in the criminal underworld when they first started. If they were to go against the Nacht Group, it would not be easy to deal with them.

The few shareholders stared at Zachary while waiting for him to respond.

Zachary exclaimed furiously, “Do not fear things that have yet to happen. Even if it were to happen, there is always a solution to a problem. We, the Nacht family, have nothing to fear!”


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