Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 507

Even though their responses were quick, the shareholders couldn’t help but worry.

Their leader, Zachary was a business whiz, who was already running a global business at a young age.

As for Mr. L from Lindberg Corporation, even though he had only started gaining power in recent years, his work ethic was known to be vicious and relentless.

People would tremble in fear when they heard his name because he had been involved in a few shocking incidents in the business world.

Moreover, given their current situation, the Nacht Group was indeed Lindberg Corporation’s biggest rival. These few years when Divine Corporation had just entered the domestic market, and before the company was able to gain stability, Lindberg Corporation had already made their move to go against Divine Corporation.

“Mr. Nacht is right. As long as Mr. Nacht is around, there’s no need for us to be worried.” Johann said reassuringly, “We have confidence in Mr. Nacht.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Everyone agreed.

“Breakfast has arrived.” At that moment, Lucy and a few of the level 17 waiters brought over some scrumptious breakfast.

“Please have your breakfast.” Zachary got up and went to the washroom.

After seeing how calm he was, the shareholders felt more reassured.

However, Theo was still curious as he asked Ben tentatively, “Mr. Ben, how is our project with Synder Group progressing? Do you have any idea?”

“It’s in progress,” Ben replied with a smile.

He understood what Theo was worried about. Even though Synder Group wasn’t as powerful, they were invested in such a huge project with them. If it were to be terminated due to personal reasons, Divine Corporation would also suffer a heavy loss.

Furthermore, if they were to have a falling out with Synder Group, they would possibly join forces with Lindberg Corporation. That would pose a huge threat to Divine Corporation.

Having a business partner might not be a big deal, but once the partner joined the rival’s side, the consequences could be hefty.

Johann said reassuringly, “Don’t worry too much about it, Mr. Murphy. The Blackwoods have been friends with the Nachts for three generations. Furthermore, Mr. Blackwood treats old Mr. Nacht as family. Even if there are any changes in work matters, it will not affect the relationship between the two families.”

“That’s good then, that’s good,” Theo nodded his head.

At that moment, Zachary returned from the washroom and had breakfast with the shareholders. Johann started to chat casually with him and told him about the new product development. Recently, he had been working on a new product for infants and was uninspired because he was stuck at the design.

Zachary told Johann to send him the information via email, and he would go over it when he returned home that night.

After the meeting, the few shareholders returned to their work. Zachary went back to his office to go through some documents as well.

Ben prepared him some ice wine and sighed, “As you had expected, Mr. Murphy was worried about your relationship with Ms. Blackwood and fearful that if the project was interrupted, it would affect the cooperation between the two companies, which might lead to greater consequences.”

Zachary uttered flatly, “For him to have shown such great concern, it means that he’s taking his work seriously. Is there anything else?”

“Not really.” Ben handed the ice wine over to him, then he asked worriedly, “Do you want me to go and find out more about Lindberg Corporation?”

Zachary smiled and replied, “I’ve already heard the news about them when I went to the washroom earlier. It’s true that Lindberg Corporation is penetrating the domestic market and the first stop is H City.”

Ben was taken aback. “Huh? Are they doing it on purpose? They knew that H City is Divine Corporation’s territory. Are they trying to rob us?”

Zachary responded disdainfully, “The Brown family is pulling the strings to help them obtain the South sea area. While Hector joined the Brown family, the Browns joined the Lindberg family. In the end, Lindberg Corporation benefits from all of that, so they would certainly go for it.”

“Why would they want that part of the sea?” Ben couldn’t seem to understand.

“There are many projects that can be developed in that area. Even though huge investments are risky, the returns would be enormous as well.” Zachary continued, “The reason why I didn’t develop the sea area in the first place was because I was thinking of stabilizing other industries before that. My main focus is the technological industry after all.”

Ben furrowed his brows as his face was filled with concern. “There was a deep feud between the previous generations of the Lindberg family and the Nacht family. Even though the current generations are minding their own businesses, if both families were to go against each other and bring up the past, I’m worried the situation would be out of control.”

“We will not attack unless we are attacked. However, if they do attack us…” Zachary closed his eyes and uttered furiously, “I will definitely destroy them!”

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