Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 509

Afterwards, while Charlotte snuggled and fell asleep in Zachary’s arms, he stroked her hair gently and stared at her tenderly. It seemed like she wasn’t getting enough sleep as she had been feeling rather sleepy for the past few days.

When he first arrived, Raina told him that she was very calm that day and there wasn’t anything abnormal about her. Besides sleeping and being in a daze, she had hardly eaten anything.

She must be exhausted and terrified.

At the thought of that, he decided to give her more assurance and care in order to bring her out of the darkness once and for all.

“Gigolo, I don’t want to stay in the hospital. I want to go home.” Charlotte suddenly whispered hazily.

“Alright.” That was exactly what Zachary intended for her as well. Even a normal person would go crazy after spending so much time in a hospital.

“The children are waiting for you at home and you’ll feel better after returning too.” Zachary kissed Charlotte’s forehead and continued, “You can sleep a little longer. I’ll go and talk to someone to make the necessary arrangements.”

“Alright.” Charlotte closed her eyes and nodded her head in response.

Zachary got up and dressed, then he went out and told Ben to settle the arrangements for her discharge.

At the same time, Ben was on the phone while he uttered hurriedly, “Just in time, the three children called to say that they wish to visit their Mommy. Should we let them wait for her at home instead?”

“Yes, we will arrive home in an hour,” Zachary nodded.

“Alright.” Ben relayed the message instantly.

On the other end of the call, the three children cheered excitedly after receiving the news. Ben’s eardrums vibrated from the loud noise.

Ben put down his cell phone and looked at Zachary with a puzzled expression. “It’s going to be noisy when we reach there later.”

“That’s good. It’ll be lively!” Zachary smiled.

“That’s true, I’ll go and make the arrangements immediately.” Ben uttered smilingly and left.

Zachary turned his head and looked at Charlotte, who was in bed. Then he spoke to Raina, “Do look after her, I’ll go and see Grandpa.”

Raina nodded and responded, “Alright, don’t worry.”

Upon arriving at Henry’s ward, Zachary noticed that Taylor was there as well.

Accompanied by Spencer, he was visiting Henry and they were just walking out from the ward.

Just when Taylor was about to utter something, he caught a glimpse of Zachary and greeted instantaneously, “Zachary, you’re here!”

“Mr. Blackwood, thank you for visiting Grandpa again!” Zachary responded politely.

“I’m returning to F Nation tomorrow, that’s why I decided to come and visit Mr. Nacht.” Taylor stared at Zachary and continued to ask, “Are you free now? Can we have a chat?”

“I have to rush home after seeing Grandpa.” Zachary took a glance at his watch.

“Then don’t let me hold you back. I’ll make a move first, goodbye!” Taylor uttered helplessly with a tight smile.

“Goodbye.” Zachary made way for him as he watched him leave.

Spencer returned after escorting Taylor out, then he furrowed his brows and said, “Mr. Zachary, Mr. Blackwood meant no harm, why did you have to turn him away?”

Zachary responded in a serious manner, “There’s no use beating around the bush when it comes to certain topics. When Grandpa gets better, I’ll give the Blackwoods a thorough explanation then.”

Spencer’s brows were tightly knitted. “Maybe Mr. Blackwood wasn’t thinking of talking about that matter? Seeing that he was hesitant earlier, I can’t help but feel like he had something important to say.”

“Even if there is, it has nothing to do with me, right?”

Zachary replied flatly as he walked into the isolation room to change his clothes.

Spencer sighed and remained silent.

Henry was in a rather good condition today. The moment Zachary entered, his eyes opened slightly as he looked at him weakly. Then, with immense effort, he reached out his hand to him.

“Grandpa…” Zachary walked over instantly and held his hand.

“Do not… Do not… cancel… the engagement,” Henry uttered strenuously.

His voice sounded very weak as he had difficulty breathing. Even after he said a few words, he would start gasping for air. However, his grip was strong as he grabbed onto Zachary’s hand, it was as if he was trying to remind Zachary of the importance of the matter.

Zachary furrowed his brows as he was torn. He didn’t want Henry to get agitated, but at the same time, he didn’t want to obey him either. So, he simply said, “Focus on your recovery now. We will talk about it when you get better.”

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