Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 513

The three kids circled around Charlotte after getting into the house. They spoke endlessly about what happened in the kindergarten over the past few days, as well as how awesome their new house was.

Ellie stuck to Charlotte and was hugging the latter’s neck when she spoke coquettishly. “My room is so big, mommy. There’s even a piano in there, and it’s so beautiful. Let me show you.”

“My room is really big too! There are tons of toy cars, model airplanes, and all sorts of toys,” shared Jamie eagerly. He crawled out of his wheelchair and onto the sofa because he wanted to be closer to his mommy.

“Jamie and I are staying in different rooms now. We all have our own room,” said Robbie. He couldn’t wait to tell Charlotte, “There’s a computer in my room, and there are tons of high-tech stuff in there.”

“That’s great,” replied Charlotte. She stroked their tiny heads and said lovingly, “But I’m a little tired today. I’ll go check your rooms out tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay,” replied the kids while nodding their heads.

“What’s wrong, mommy? Are you still sick?” asked Ellie. She placed her tiny, chubby hand on Charlotte’s forehead before comparing the temperature against her own head. “Hmm, but you don’t have a fever.”

“I’m just a little tired. I’ll be fine after resting a few days,” said Charlotte, while stroking Ellie’s chubby face.

“Let’s not bother mommy anymore and let her rest,” suggested the good boy, Robbie, immediately, “It’s Sunday tomorrow, so we don’t need to go to school. We’ll show you our rooms then.”

“Okay,” replied Charlotte. She nodded, then hugged her children before adding, “It’s over nine. Go shower and sleep now.”

“Okay. Goodnight, mommy.”

“Good night.”

Charlotte waved at her three kids and watched as the nurses took them up the stairs.

They were delighted about their mommy being home, so they were skipping as they walked. They even hummed.

Charlotte’s lips curved into a beautiful grin when she saw them skipping that happily.

“Why not spend more time with the kids?” asked Zachary.

He walked over with a glass of icy drink for himself and a cup of tea for her.

Charlotte sipped some tea and said, “I think the kids and I should move back to our place.”

“Why?” asked Zachary with a frown.

Charlotte shifted her attention to the maids and the security guards without saying anything.

“Leave us,” ordered Zachary.

“Understood.” Everyone left after that.

Charlotte only spoke up after the door to the room was closed. “Is your grandpa sick?” asked Charlotte.

“Yes. He’s being treated in Kindness Hospital right now,” replied Zachary. He had never planned on hiding anything from her.

“I think the kids and I should move back to my place until he regains consciousness. Let’s wait until he wakes up, and you can tell him everything about the kids. Once he accepted everything, we can…”

“The kids are mine, so it doesn’t matter if he accepts them,” interrupted Zachary before he revealed, “Besides, he had always liked the triplets. I’m sure he will be ecstatic to hear this news.”

“But…” murmured Charlotte uneasily, “I feel that it’s inappropriate. I’m moving in without an actual title or anything.”

“What’s inappropriate about it?” demanded Zachary while frowning, “This is my home, and I get to choose who I let stay here. No one can say anything about it, and you shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself, either.”

“Okay, I will accept that, but it’s not convenient for the kids to stay here. Their school…”

“I already hired a driver for that. Someone will drive them over and pick them up from school. The time taken to travel to school will remain the same because they won’t need to wait for the school bus,” shared Zachary, who had thought of everything. “You should rest up and heal at home while my grandpa is hospitalized. Once he wakes up, I will discuss the matter with him and prep for the wedding.”


Charlotte had never even considered that before. That night from four years ago, and their reunion four years later… So much had happened in between that she didn’t think she’d get to marry him.

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