Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 517

“Here,” offered Zachary, who turned on an app on his tablet and handed it to Robbie, “See if you can understand everything here.”

“Okay,” replied Robbie. The second he saw the content, his eyes glowed, and he informed, “This is a VR proposal and design for an electronic gadget! Where did you get it?”

“You actually understand it?” blurted Zachary in amazement, “This is my company’s design for our new product. It is meant to be an educational device for kids, but we have encountered a few problems that we still can’t solve…”

“What are the issues you faced?” asked Robbie as he played on the tablet.

“The R&D department hit a blind spot,” lied Zachary to lead the boy to think, “I haven’t pinpointed the exact issue. Try identifying it. If you can pinpoint the issue, I will grant you one wish.”

“Really?” asked Robbie. He had always kept his cool, but at that moment, his little face lit up with a level of excitement that no one had ever seen before. His eyes glowed with a bizarre light when he asked, “Can I ask for anything?”

“Yes,” answered Zachary while nodding.

“Okay, I’ll try,” said Robbie. He had lost all interest in his breakfast and focused on the tablet immediately.

“Robbie, finish your breakfast first,” reminded Charlotte sweetly, “You can play with it after you’ve eaten.”

“Mommy, I’m full,” replied Robbie.

He never looked up, and his tiny finger kept swiping on the tablet as he examined the blueprint of the new product.

“You had one hot cross bunny and didn’t even drink a drop of milk. You haven’t eaten your oatmeal either. How can you be full?” said Charlotte in an annoyed tone, “Finish your breakfast now, or I’ll confiscate the tablet.”

After that, she scolded Zachary, “Look at what you did. Getting the kid all excited during breakfast. You made it so that he won’t even eat properly.”

“Uhm…” That was the first time Zachary got scolded in front of everyone else, but he didn’t dare to object to anything. He could only remind Robbie sternly, “Come now. You can play with it later. Finish your breakfast first, or your mommy will lose her cool.”

“Okay,” murmured Robbie. He had no choice but to put the tablet aside and focused on his breakfast.

“Uncle Zack, I want a wish too,” requested Jamie. He was jealous of Robbie, but he didn’t sound too confident when he admitted, “I am not as smart as Robbie, and I cannot understand complicated electronic components, but I am a good fighter. I can do martial arts!”

“Really?” asked Zachary with his brows raised, “You know martial arts despite being so young?”

Kids at the time would, at most, go for a few low-level taekwondo lessons. Martial arts was not popular, and it was rare for anyone to practice it.

“It’s true! I can do it. I’ll prove it to you.”

Jamie got a little agitated. He swung his tiny fist to prove his words, but his legs hadn’t recovered yet, and he was on a high chair, so his moves were restricted.

“Now, now, you still haven’t finished your breakfast,” reminded Charlotte as she got some more food for Jamie. She later smiled at Zachary and informed him, “He actually knows martial arts. An elderly master lives in Mrs. Berry’s village, and he taught the boy martial arts.”

“Ah, no wonder,” said Zachary with a grin, “Then you gotta heal up soon. We’ll compete with one another after you’ve recovered.”

“You know it too?” asked Jamie excitedly.

“My training was specialized, and I’ve never learned martial arts before,” replied Zachary. He sipped some coffee before adding, “Still, every fighting technique in the world is founded on the same basis. There is plenty I can teach you.”

“Really? That’d be amazing,” cheered Jamie, but he soon said in a worried tone, “But I am not as smart as Robbie. Will you be frustrated with how stupid I am?”

“Every genius has his journey. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so there is no need to compare yourself against others. Robbie has his strengths, but so do you. All everyone has to do is to work on their own strengths,” advised Zachary.

He handed some fruit to Jamie.

“Thank you, Uncle Zack!”

Jamie was so touched that tears welled in his eyes. He looked exactly like Robbie, but the latter was much smarter, so he never really got compliments from others.

As time passed by, Jamie’s confidence took a hit.

It was a sudden revelation, but he finally realized that he had qualities that others admired as well.

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