Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 520

After having breakfast, Zachary led the kids to the car.

Ben had prepared an especially extended Rolls-Royce and a fleet of cars following behind.

Seeing all that got Charlotte to tug at Zachary’s shirt nervously and ask, “You’re just taking the kids to school. Is there really a need for all that?”

“Of course,” insisted Zachary, “I heard about how the other kids had bullied them at school. Some even questioned whether they have a father or not. Today, I want everyone in the kindergarten to learn exactly who their father is.”


Zachary helped the kids into the car before Charlotte could finish her sentence.

Ben was directing the others from the side and said, “Get all the presents into the car. Oh, and remember to separate the teachers’ gifts from the students’.”

Charlotte massaged her head and was left speechless.

I should’ve known. This is how Zachary had always done things. He would go overboard once so that he won’t need to deal with the matter the second time.

Unfortunately, Charlotte had no choice but to let him be.

Gah, never mind. At least he and the kids are happy.

That particular Rolls-Royce’s interior design was similar to that of a private room, and the kids were surprised. Their eyes shone with curiosity as they looked around.

“Has Mr. Henry never driven you around in this car before?” asked Zachary, while sitting in the car. He accepted the iced drink from Ben.

“He took us for a drive in a huge and beautiful car before, but this is not the one. This car is too amazing,” exclaimed Jamie. His eyes bulged and went starry as he looked around.

“You’re right. It’s so beautiful,” said Ellie. She was looking around as well. She later kicked her tiny legs to crawl onto the seat and jumped on it to test it before claiming, “It’s so comfy. I can even sleep in here.”

“You actually can take a nap,” informed Zachary after checking his watch, “It’s a forty-minute drive to the kindergarten.”

“Uncle Zack, the tablet is locked,” said Robbie before handing the tablet over for Zachary to unlock.

“Aren’t you going to rest a little?” asked Zachary after inputting the password and handing the tablet back to Robbie.

“Nah, I want to check it out some more,” replied Robbie.

He sat obediently on the cushy seat and started examining the blueprint carefully.

“Fifi, don’t act up!”

Jamie was playing with Fifi earlier, but it suddenly flapped its wings and flew around the car. It seemed excited.

Jamie couldn’t even catch the bird.

“Fifi, come here!” ordered Ellie. She extended her tiny, plump arm and scolded in her baby voice, “If you don’t, I won’t take you to kindergarten anymore.”

Fifi flew over immediately and rested on her arm.

Ellie stroked its fur with her plump hand and cooed sweetly, “That’s a good bird. Be good, okay?”

“Be good. Be good.”

Fifi mimicked Ellie and called out, but its eyes were stuck on Zachary’s alcohol.

“Uncle Zack, what are you drinking? Can I try?”

Jamie was staring curiously at Zachary’s drink. The former had seen the latter sipping that every day, so he assumed that it was tasty. I wanna try.

“You can have one sip. Don’t drink too much,” instructed Zachary before handing the drink over.

Jamie was surprised and ecstatic. He ran to Zachary on his stubby legs and accepted the drink with his tiny arms. After that, Jamie sipped cautiously.

“Gah, it tastes so horrible!”

Jamie frowned and closed his eyes in distaste. His plump face had crumpled up by then.

“Hahaha,” laughed Zachary. Kids really are curious and want to try everything.

“Try it. Try it..”

Fifi flew over at that moment and dunked its beak into the glass before chugging the drink.

“Ah, Fifi, no!”

Jamie was furious and tried to chase the bird away, but Fifi refused to leave. Its small figure stuck to the glass, and it drank greedily.

“I’m so sorry, Uncle Zack,” apologized Jamie immediately, “I got your drink all dirty.”

“It’s fine. I can just get another one,” said Zachary. He didn’t think that it was a big deal and had Ben pour another drink. Zachary even remarked, “Let it drink if it likes alcohol that much.”

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