Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 526

“What? Why was he looking for you?” Charlotte asked, feeling a little startled.

“To thank me for taking care of you, apparently. He even offered me a position as your assistant, and asked if I wanted to take it.” Olivia asked curiously, “Charlotte, are you the CEO of your own company now, or some movie starlet? Why do you need an assistant all of a sudden?”

“Huh?” Charlotte felt rather suspicious. “Are you very sure it was Ben?”

“Yes, it was, I promise,” Olivia said certainly. “Back at Sultry Night, he accompanied your boyfriend everywhere he went. He is the weirdest and fiercest man I’ve ever seen—I won’t forget that face.”

“Oh, alright then,” Charlotte said, feeling rather hapless. “I didn’t even know about this! I’ll ask Ben about this when I see him.”

“Yes, you should,” Olivia said seriously. “If you really need me, Charlotte, I’ll drop everything and go to you immediately.”

“Thanks, Olivia,” Charlotte said gratefully. “Please take good care of yourself. Call me if you need anything.”

“Alright. Also, I’ve already returned the uniform to Ms. Fuller. However, she says that you can come back anytime if you need the job again.”

“Didn’t she put me on a ban because she was afraid that I would drag the company down?” Charlotte asked stiffly.

“Don’t ask me, I have no idea why she changed her mind. The news got suppressed really quickly. Now, you can hardly find a trace of it on the internet. Ms. Fuller says that it means you won’t be suffering any damage to your reputation anymore. Besides, you were always one of the best pianists, so she would like to have you back anytime…”

“Got it. I’ve been feeling very unwell lately, so I’ve been in bed all day. I’ll contact her again when I’m a little better.”

“Take good care of your health then, Charlotte. I’ll call you again.”


After she hung up, Charlotte quickly went to look at today’s news. Olivia was right—the news about Luna had completely disappeared off the internet, as though the incident had never happened at all. In addition, all the news about Hector and Helena had vanished, too…

Charlotte frowned slightly. The Browns must have paid the media outlets a hefty sum to cover up the news.

However, Amanda would stop at nothing to take revenge for her daughter. Even if the Browns paid off the media outlets, Amanda could put up a post on social media under her own account. However, there was no mention of any of those people or incidents…

What was going on?

Had the Whites met their downfall?

Charlotte felt a little unsettled. Although Amanda and Luna had done so many things to harm her, they had already met their punishment. Charlotte couldn’t help but feel sorry for what they were going through now…

Here, Charlotte’s phone started beeping with a string of text notifications. She had called Mrs. Berry and Olivia the moment she turned on her phone, so she hadn’t managed to check her phone for texts yet. Now, all the texts were coming in at one shot.

She quickly went to take a look at the texts. During the time she had been away, she had received texts from Mrs. Berry, Olivia, and Felicity. To her shock, Amanda and Simon had texted her repeatedly to ask for help too…

“Charlotte, we’re your blood relatives. Can’t you save us this once?”

“We didn’t think Hector would be so cruel. He wants to have all of us killed! Charlotte, please save us.”

“Helena is a witch! She wants to kill Luna to eliminate all the witnesses. Charlotte, please save Luna…”

“Charlotte, please help your Uncle Simon out…”

Seeing these messages, Charlotte felt a tug in her heartstrings. She didn’t want to involve herself in this matter—back then, she had only called the police out of common decency.

However, now that a person’s life hung in the balance, it would be too cruel of her to ignore their pleas for help…

After hesitating for a while, Charlotte gave a call to Amanda. However, she was unable to reach her.

She tried calling Simon’s number instead, but the call didn’t go through either.

Charlotte felt a sudden feeling of dread. Had something horrible really happened to the three of them? What could she do to help them now?

If she wanted to help them, she needed Zachary’s help.

But she still faced a glaring dilemma—should she save them or not?

That was a problem…

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