Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 539

“Looks like it’s time. Let’s go for lessons.”

With one clinging on his back, a second nestled in his arm, and a third tugging him along by the hand, Zachary was like a tree overrun by monkeys as he strode forth.

He turned his head toward Mrs. Berry. “Please let Charlotte know that we’ll be in the study.”

“Will do,” Mrs. Berry replied. She watched them leave before she rapped upon the washroom door. “Miss. Are you alright, Miss?”

“I’m fine…” Charlotte was pallid as she hunched over the sink. In spite of being in no small measure of agony, she did her best to compose herself. “I might have the runs, so you should go up first. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“No worries. I’d be right here with you.” Mrs. Berry remained concerned. “Did you have too much to eat at dinner? I’ll go get you a glass of warm water.”


After she heard the footsteps departed outside, Charlotte slumped down seated on the floor. Beads of sweat ran ceaselessly down her forehead.

She bit down upon her lip until they were close to bleeding.

The excruciating pain continued to permeate. There was nothing visibly wrong with her right shoulder, only the sensation of gnawing upon her blood vessels.

It dawned upon her that the injection that that woman gave her must be more than just a sedative.

The substance inside might had been some form of toxin so subtle that it was undetectable even to Raina.

“How are you doing, Miss?” Mrs. Berry hollered from the outside.

“I’m okay,” Charlotte said with a deep furrow. “It may take a while more, so you should go.”

“Alright. I’ll leave it on the table for you. Do take some medication if you are still not feeling well,” the older woman said.

“Got it.” Charlotte did her best to sound calm.

Mrs. Berry exited.

Charlotte continued to be tormented by pain for another half an hour before it fully subsided.

After she struggled onto her feet, she splashed water on her face. She then downed a few mouthfuls from the glass on the table when she came out.

Jamie’s coat and one of Ellie’s shoes were left on the couch. She felt conflicted as she reminisced about the heartwarming scene from a moment ago.

A few knocks on the door were followed by Raina’s voice. “May I enter, Ms. Windt?”

“Please come in,” came Charlotte’s swift reply.

The doctor pushed through the door with a medical bag in hand. “Mrs. Berry told me that you were experiencing some discomfort in your abdomen. Could you describe it to me? Let’s see if we have any medication here suitable for you.”

“It’s alright.” Charlotte shook her head. “I guess I must have had indigestion from overeating. After visiting the washroom, I’m feeling much better already.”

“That’s good to know.” Raina gave her a pack of medicine anyway. “Have some of these digestive tablets that I’ve formulated myself. I’m sure they’ll be of help.”

“Thank you.” Charlotte took two of that and meaningfully asked, “Mrs. Berry and my friends are your patients, and I’ve also heard from doctors in other hospitals that you have quite the reputation as a medical practitioner.”

“I might be the best there is if that does not come across as being too full of myself. Haha.”

Raina was quite confident of her own competency in her chosen profession.

“Does that mean to say that no one would be able to treat what you can’t?” Charlotte probed.

“That depends.” The doctor adopted a more objective stance. “Some procedures may be better handled by my peers with the relevant expertise, as there are limits to what anyone could be good at. Though I’m able to diagnose most ailments, there will always be doctors from my hospital who I could call on.”

“I see.” Charlotte found it troubling that even someone with Raina’s capability could not figure out what was inside of her.

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