Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 544

“Aren’t you going to come and help me shower?” Zachary said assertively, “Serving your husband is the best repayment there is.”

“Coming…” Charlotte walked to him with a smile on her face. “I’ll give you a special service tonight.”


Things were quickly resolved after Zachary got involved.

The next night, Bruce came and reported to her, “Ms. Windt, they’ve been rescued. They want to meet with you, saying that they want to thank you in person. What would you like to do?”

After thinking about it for a moment, she nodded and said, “Sure.”

“Alright. I’ll arrange the meeting immediately.”

Bruce drove her to the Whites’ residence which was also the Windt family’s residence in the old days.

Since Charlotte was coming, both Amanda and Simon purposely dressed up but it wasn’t enough to cover up their pale and fatigued faces.

It had only been a few days yet they seemed to have aged ten years. Even white hair had grown on their heads.

Although they were wrapped tightly in their clothes, Charlotte could still see the injuries on their neck, arm, and forehead.

They must’ve gone through a lot in the past few days.

She sighed silently to herself as she looked at them, not knowing what to say to console them.

Amanda and Simon stood up and gave Charlotte a deep bow. “Thank you!”

“Don’t be like this…”

Charlotte was at a loss. She wanted to reach out to stop them but she didn’t want to step forward as they were still distant in terms of their relationship.

“Um, where is Luna?” she asked quietly.

“She’s still sleeping. She’s gone through a lot over the past few days and had almost…” Amanda wiped away the tears on her face before adding, “If it wasn’t for Mr. Nacht’s men, I’m afraid we might’ve been dead by now.”

Charlotte heaved a long sigh, unsure of how to respond.

“I didn’t expect you to save us.” Amanda’s eyes were red and full of guilt. “Don’t you hate me after what I’ve done to you in the past?”

“Of course I do,” the former replied bluntly. “I hated you so much.”

“I’m sorry…” The latter then hung her head apologetically.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for Timothy, I couldn’t have made up my mind to do this,” Charlotte said softly. “He’s only three and a half years old and is the same age as my children. He secretly gave me a call and I really couldn’t bring myself to reject him.”

“Timothy?” The couple was overwhelmed upon hearing the name.

Amanda quickly asked, “How did he know about this? He’s just a child! What’s going on with the Sterlings? How can they let him know?”

“The Sterlings didn’t tell him. It was Thomas and Mary who did. They even told him that he should come to ask me for help. That’s why he hid in the toilet and called me.”

Charlotte roughly told them what had happened.

“Those assholes!” Amanda’s body was shaking from anger. “They’re obviously scared that they’d suffer from losses if anything happened to us. That’s why they urge the boy to beg you for help. Timothy is just a three-year-old boy. He must’ve felt so scared and helpless when he found out about this.

“I don’t even know if those bastards told him anything bad about his father. If they did, he would definitely be traumatized. I’m afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stand it with the Sterlings. And his evil stepmother! Oh, God…”

At the thought of these, she became panicked and worried.

“Those bastards!” Simon gritted through his teeth.

At that moment, Charlotte seemed to have another level of understanding of Amanda. Even though the woman had personality issues, she was still very kind to her family.

She could give up everything for her daughter and when she found out that Timothy had begged Charlotte for help, she was worried for him instead of being happy that she was saved.

“Let’s not talk about this.” The woman recollected her thoughts and said guiltily, “The Whites have owed you so much, Charlotte. I don’t even know how I should repay you. After giving it some thought, I decided to return this villa to you. Just treat it as a token of appreciation from us.”

At that, she gave the property ownership certificate and any documents related to Charlotte.

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