Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 553

“Yeah.” Zachary nodded.

“Don’t they have classes in kindergarten today?” Charlotte hurriedly checked the date on her phone. “It’s a Tuesday.”

“He can’t learn much there. It’s alright to take some days off occasionally.” Zachary’s reply was nonchalant.

“Hmm.” Charlotte didn’t say much but decided to focus on her meal.

Robbie could sense the tension between the both of them. They usually regarded each other with affection and adoration, but something was not right today. Why were things so awkward?

“Mommy, you also worked at Daddy’s company before, right? Can you come with us?” Jamie’s awareness was not as keen as Robbie’s, so he could not sense the discord between them. “Maybe you can meet your former colleagues!”

“Yeah, let’s bring Mommy with us!” Ellie took Charlotte’s hand in hers and cooed at Zachary. “We’ll take Fifi too!”

“She can’t go.”

Charlotte was about to speak when Zachary interjected. “She wants to rest at home.”

Charlotte glared at him. He did not want her to appear with the children at work, or did he not want people to know about their relationship?

Then why bring up marriage? Are you going to keep that under wraps too?

“Mommy is sick? Oh, then she should stay home and rest!” Jamie still had not noticed anything but decided to wolf down the warm hot cross bunnies that were on his plate.

“Well, if Mommy can’t go, I won’t bring Fifi along. Fifi might run loose and cause trouble.” Ellie stroked Fifi’s head and soothingly said, “You should behave when we’re gone, okay?”

“Go, go!”

Fifi immediately squawked those words in a panic and rubbed its head against Ellie’s hand, seemingly worried that he would be left behind.

“Fifi, be good!” Ellie could sense the parrot’s distress and said, “We’re not going to school today. We’re going to Daddy’s company! There are too many people, and you cannot go.”

“Go, go!” Fifi then flew to perch on Ellie’s shoulder while rubbing its beak on her cheek. “Go!”

Jamie had a soft spot for Fifi and could not help but empathize with the bird’s distress. He was about to speak, but a warning look from Robbie shut him up immediately.

The parrot then emulated Ellie and squawked sadly, while using its wings to cover its face.

Ellie felt her eyes water when she saw Fifi’s display.

“Fine, it can come with us,” said Zachary who finally relented.

“Really? Hurray, Daddy!” exclaimed Ellie happily.

“Great!” Jamie immediately picked Fifi up and taught it how to say “Thank you, Daddy!”

“Thank you, Daddy, thank you, Daddy!” came Fifi’s little squawks as he tried to repeat what Jamie said.

Zachary smirked at how eerily human the parrot seemed. It was like he had a fourth child.

“Thank you, Daddy!” chimed Robbie from beside him.

Zachary rubbed his little head gently. “You are still young. It’s okay to be a little more like your siblings and grow up at their pace. You don’t have to be so sensible just yet.”

“Mr. Henry said… Wait, no, Great-grandpa said that….” Robbie was a little distressed, and his eyes were red. “Is he alright?”

“We’ll visit him tonight, said Zachary as he gave Robbie a hug.

“Great, we can visit Mr. Henry!” Jamie and Ellie cheered but quickly corrected themselves. “No, it’s Great-grandpa.”

“Yes, remember to address him as that next time.”

“Yes, Daddy!” tittered the children cheerfully.

“You’re coming too,” said Zachary with a cursory glance at Charlotte.

“Me?” Charlotte was stunned. “Really?”

“Someone will pick you up later tonight. We’ll meet at the hospital.” Zachary grunted, feigning coldness. “Go rest properly!”

“Alright.” Charlotte could finally smile as she released the breath she had been holding.

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