Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 554

After breakfast, Zachary then prepared to leave for the company with the three kids in tow.

Before leaving, the children hugged and said goodbye to Charlotte.

Charlotte kissed them on their foreheads and said, “When you arrive at Daddy’s company, you must be obedient. Behave yourselves and don’t disturb everyone who is working.”

“Yes, Mommy!” said the children in unison.

“Alright, get in in the car.”

Charlotte made a gesture, and the medical staff immediately led them into the car.

Charlotte was about to retire when Zachary looked at her pointedly with mock displeasure. “What about me?”

Charlotte was surprised but quickly regained her composure. She walked over briskly and stood on her tiptoes to hug him and kiss him on the lips.

Zachary hugged her and kissed her on each eyelid. “Wait for me at home.”

Charlotte nodded with a smile.

Zachary turned around and entered the car as Charlotte waved them goodbye at the door.

Mrs. Berry sighed at the affectionate display. “Isn’t this lovely? The best life to have is one filled with love. Where the husband and wife love each other, the children love their parents, and everyone is just happy.”

“Yes.” Charlotte also sighed. “I really hope to be happy forever.”

Mrs. Berry smiled at Charlotte. “Come now, Miss. Mr. Nacht is such a good man to you and the kids. I believe you will be happy.”

“Yeah.” Charlotte smiled lightly and said held Mrs. Berry’s hand. “Would you take a stroll with me in the garden?”

“One moment, I’ll fetch your coat.”

Mrs. Berry was about to fetch the required items when Mrs. Rawlston handed their coats to Mrs. Berry with a smile. “Miss, you’re so skinny, you’ll catch a cold! As for you, Mrs. Berry, you need to take care of yourself too!”

“Thank you.” Mrs. Berry helped Charlotte into her coat.

“Thank you, Mrs. Rawlston,” said Charlotte with a smile as the two ladies then walked towards the garden. “Does life here agree with you, Mrs. Berry?”

“Of course,” replied Mrs. Berry with a smile. “To be honest, I was a little worried at the beginning. Maybe I’d not get along with the staff here or something. After all, they’re all foreigners and have different lifestyles. But after a few days, I realized that they’re decent people.”

“It’s good that you are happy.” Charlotte looked at Mrs. Berry’s face and beamed, feeling pleased. It did not take long for the unease to creep back into her heart. “I’m going to see Mr. Henry tonight. But something still makes me nervous.”

“Are you worried that he won’t like you? I don’t think you should worry. You are well-loved by everyone! I’m sure he’ll take a liking to you as well.”

“He has met me before.” Charlotte lapsed into telling Mrs. Berry about her previous encounter with Mr. Henry Nacht. “At the time, he strongly opposed our union and tried to force an engagement between Zachary and Sharon. If he finds out we’re living together now, he will be very angry.”

“So what?” asked Mrs. Berry with a smug look. “Children and offspring are everything. You’ve given birth to three! Who can beat that?”

“That’s right.” Charlotte smiled and fiddled with her sleeves. “The old man really likes the children.”

“That’s right, so don’t overthink it.” Mrs. Berry patted the back of Charlotte’s hand soothingly. “I’m now looking forward to your marriage. The day it happens, I’ll run towards your father’s grave and tell him the good news!”

Charlotte smiled and nodded. At the same time, she recalled that she still had some of her father’s keepsakes stored away. She made a mental note to retrieve them after she got married.

In the car, the three children chatted non-stop. Even little Fifi joined in the chatter.

Zachary on the other hand, busied himself with his emails.

Ben observed Zachary’s face and let out a low whistle. “I knew that the two a**holes would get married, but not this soon. Hector just abandoned his wife like that to marry someone like Helena? How impatient can he be?”

Zachary did not respond but focused on the contents of his email with a slight frown.

“The most shocking part is that the Lindbergs have been invited.” Ben then looked at Zachary and asked him cautiously, “Are you going?”

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