Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 557

“Good morning!” Ellie greeted with her cute, cheerful voice and then batted her large eyes at them. She looked at Zachary curiously and asked him, “Why are there only pretty ladies and no men here?”

“Because this is the president’s office. I only have secretaries in here.”

Zachary then brought his little entourage into his office.

Ben then ordered someone to bring in an assortment of snacks and treats for the children.

“Understood,” said Lucy and set out to make arrangements.

The other secretaries were just waiting for Zachary’s door to shut. When it did, they were all abuzz with gossip. ”Did I hear correctly? The girl called him ‘Daddy’? Are they the president’s children?”

“I guess so? Why would he give them piggy-back rides or bring them to the company otherwise?”

“Gosh, Mr. Nacht has kids! Isn’t he unmarried?”

“Isn’t he supposed to marry Ms. Blackwood of the Synder group?”

“I don’t think they are his own.”

“Probably not! They’re at least three or four years old. Did he have some kind of secret marriage?”

“I have no idea who the mother is.”

“The little girl looks oddly familiar. I feel like I’ve seen a face like hers before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it—”

“If you have anything else to say, why not bring it up with the president personally?” Lucy snorted coldly.

Immediately, the gossiping secretaries dispersed.

“You know the president’s temper. He doesn’t like gossiping behind his back. If he hears anything, you’ll be dismissed immediately,” said Lucy, her demeanor stern.

Several secretaries hurriedly lowered their heads and continued working under Lucy’s watchful eye.

Lucy glanced at them and pushed a meal cart into the president’s office.

A while later, Zachary set Ellie down on the couch.

Ellie stretched her short legs and looked around the room with her big eyes. “Daddy, is your office in the sky?”

Zachary could not help but laugh at the child’s innocence.

“I can’t see roofs outside the window! Only cloud!” Ellie tried to walk towards the window but felt her knees buckle in fear. In an exaggerated motion, she said, “It’s so tall!”

“Of course, it’s the sixty-eighth floor.” Robbie was also looking at Zachary’s office in awe. “You have so many high-tech things in the office, Daddy! Everything looks so cool!”

“Ah, you’ve noticed?” Zachary cast an approving look at Robbie.

“Yes, I have an eye for these,” said Robbie as he took another walk around the office. “Did your company make all this, Daddy?”


“Daddy, can I take a look at this?”

Robbie seemed to be interested in a little airplane he spotted inside the cabinet.

“Of course you can,” said Zachary gently. “You can play with the things here, but be careful not to hurt yourself.”

“I see. Thank you, Daddy.”

Jamie carefully took out a model airplane and admired it.

Lucy walked in with the dining car, greeted Zachary, and then placed the food items on the table.

“Alright, everyone, let’s eat first!” said Ben with a grin. “After this, I’ll take you on a tour to see the R&D department after your Daddy finishes his work, okay?”

“Okay.” Ellie then ran towards the table with Fifi on her shoulder.

Robbie and Jamie were busy picking out things they were interested in. Lucy wanted to help them out but was stopped by Ben. “Don’t worry, they’ll manage just fine. You can just carry on as usual and let me take care of things here.”

Lucy nodded and then left.

The three medical staff members stood quietly in a corner and marveled at Zachary’s office. However, they were still every bit as attentive towards the children.

Just as Lucy walked towards the door, a secretary hurried in with an urgent message. “Ms. Wright, Ms. Blackwood is here!”

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