Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 559

Sharon pushed open the door to the president’s office with joy as she called out gently, “Zachary…”

However, upon seeing the three children clambering up Zachary’s body, she stopped dead in her tracks, stunned beyond words. “This, this… What is going on?”

“Daddy, who’s this pretty lady?” Jamie’s eyes lit up upon seeing Sharon as she asked inquisitively, “Is she your secretary?”

“Stop talking nonsense,” Robbie whispered under his breath. Turning to Zachary, he asked, “Daddy, shall we give you both some space?”

“There’s no need.”

Zachary was holding Robbie in one hand and Jamie in the other.

Meanwhile, Ellie was riding on his shoulders and was braiding his hair with colorful rubber bands while the pet parrot Fifi was dozing off on his lap.

“Have a seat,” Zachary invited as he glanced up at Sharon.

Sharon was still in her state of shock as she walked over. She stammered as she asked, “Zachary, where do these kids come from?”

Strangely, Zachary seemed to ignore her question as his eyes were glued to the tablet in Robbie’s hands. He was busy teaching the child how to read complicated VR drawings. Looking up at her after he was done, he queried nonchalantly, “So, I heard you’re looking for me. What’s the matter?”


“Daddy, can you help me by checking where this piece is supposed to go?” Jamie interrupted. He had just taken apart an airplane model. In her effort to try to reassemble the whole thing, she was left with an extra piece.

“Let me see.” Zachary took the piece and glanced at the airplane model. Finding the missing spot, he pointed, “Here!”

“Wow! Daddy, you’re so smart! Thank you, Daddy!”

Taking the piece off his hand, Jamie immediately installed it into the right spot.

Peering up at Sharon once more, Zachary queried, “you’re saying?”

“As I am asking, where do these three children come from?” Sharon was feeling anxious, as well as a little perturbed. “Why do they call you ‘Daddy’? What’s going on?”

“Duh! Because Daddy is our daddy, that’s why!” Ellie pouted her lips and puffed up her cheeks childishly. “Such a big grown-up yet you still can’t understand such a simple thing.”

“Shut up!” Sharon shouted sharply.

Ellie shuddered with fright by the sudden outburst. Her mouth dropped open as she burst into tears with a boo-hoo wail.

Robbie and Jamie were startled as well. Initially caught in a daze and was unable to react, upon seeing their sister in tears, the duo quickly tried to soothe her, “There, there. Don’t be afraid, Ellie…”

Frustrated with the shattered peace, Zachary glowered, his face instantly turned grim. Lifting Ellie off his shoulders, he turned to the three nurses waiting by the side and commanded, “Take them to the side lounge to play.”

“Yes, sir.” The tree nurses obediently rushed forward and cuddled off the three children.

“Wicked woman! Wicked woman!” Fifi flapped its wings and squawked at Sharon.

“Zachary…” Sharon turned to him coquettishly, only to find his grim and darkened face. Struck by a sudden sense of fear, she cautiously ventured, “You’re not angry, are you? Don’t tell me those children are…”

“Yes, those are my children!” Zachary admitted arrogantly. As he leaned back on the sofa and raised his legs, he announced proudly, “I’m their father!”

“What?” Stunned, Sharon could only utter the word incredulously.

Zachary meanwhile was lazy to repeat himself. Picking up his wine glass, he swirled the vintage and took a sip elegantly.

After pausing for a while, Sharon regained her composure and forced a stiff smile. “When did this happen? How come I don’t even know about it?”

Zachary held his silence.

Seeing his expression, Sharon felt flustered as she tried to coax more out of him, “I’m fine with illegitimate children. It’s common after all in wealthy families. This definitely won’t affect us…”

“I think you’re mistaken,” Zachary cut her short and callously stated, “They’re not illegitimate children, but the rightful heirs of the Nacht family.”

“Heirs?” Sharon’s face seemed to be drained of colors as she stuttered, “Zachary Nacht, surely you’ve gone overboard, no? What about our very own offspring later?”

“Offspring? We won’t, mind you.” Each passing minute dealing with Sharon made Zachary even more impatient. “Because I will not marry you in the first place.”

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