Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 566

“Of course I believe in y’all.” Seeing Ellie sobbing, old Henry’s heart softened. Directing his anger at Zachary, he explained, “I just don’t trust this rascal…”

“He’s not a rascal. He’s our Daddy.” Jamie hurriedly defended Zachary, even running over and spreading his arms in front of the latter, as an act of protecting his precious father!

“Grandpa, Daddy wasn’t lying to you,” Robbie earnestly explained. “I was allergic to kiwi. Daddy felt that something was wrong and took me for a DNA test. Through that, he found out I was his child.”

At this moment, old Henry finally believed. After all, Zachary himself was allergic to kiwi fruit since he was still a child. This information was never revealed to anyone as a protective measure so enemies would not be able to cash in on such a weakness.

No one knew about this except for those in the inner family circle.

Also, Robbie was a mere three-and-a-half-year-old boy. Surely it would be impossible for him to fabricate it. Even though Robbie was the most mentally independent amongst his siblings, it was still a tall task to fool both old Henry and Zachary with this prank…

“Gracious heavens! I’ve thought I won’t be able to see the fourth generation of the Nacht family with my own eyes in this lifetime…” Old Henry was so touched that he burst into tears of joy. “Such a great surprise to greet me just as I open my eyes! Good Lord!”

“It’s great that you’re so happy.” Zachary finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Such nonsense. How could I be unhappy? Those countless moments when I fantasized about such a scene… I’ve hoped for ages that these three would turn out to be the real flesh and blood of our Nacht family. Ain’t expecting my dream to be real…” Trailing off, old Henry tremblingly stretched out his arms to the children and called out, “Children, come ‘ere! Give yer’ Great-grandpa a hug!”

“Grandpa… Great-grandpa!”

The three children rushed over immediately and dived into the waiting arms of old Henry.

“Aww, my good kids!”

Moved to tears, old Henry hugged the children tightly. The dream that he had for a long time finally had come true…

Witnessing the touching scene at the side, a smile crept across Zachary’s lips. As long as old Henry was happy, everything else would be easy.

Even Spencer who was the sideline spectator found his eyes uncontrollably wet.

“Great-grandpa, we’ve all moved to Daddy’s house now. Let’s live there together when you’re discharged from the hospital,” Robbie invited as he tugged old Henry’s hand.

“Aye, for sure.” Old Henry stroked Robbie’s little head and said, “Good boy. Study hard, and you’ll achieve great things in the future!”

“Of course, I will!” Robbie nodded excitedly.

Not wanting to be left out, Jamie interrupted, “Every night, Daddy has been teaching us lots of knowledge. As a result, I’ve improved my self-defense skill. Robbie’s scientific and tech knowledge have improved by leaps and bounds too…”

“Really? Such great prowess?” Old Henry was happy to hear.

Ellie chirped in, “I’m not learning. I’m the one teaching daddy how to sing…”

“Hahaha, your Daddy’s singing has been straight-up awful since young. Can he really sing now?”

“He’s still quite dumb…”

As the three children chatted merrily around old Henry, Zachary signaled everyone else to leave the room.

Upon stepping out of the ward, Spencer had a worried look on his face, yet he chose to remain silent.

“Mr. Spencer, do you have something in your mind?” Zachary asked.

“I’m only afraid that…” Thinking for a moment, Spencer tactfully chose his words, “If Mr. Nacht knew that the children’s mother is Ms. Windt, would he perhaps…”

“After all the sacrifices she has made to give birth to these three children, in the end, her identity and social status still matter?” Raising his eyebrows, Zachary stated, “At worst, she lacks an influential family background. Nonetheless, it’s still miles better than Sharon’s twisted nature, am I right?”

“Aye, this I concur.” Nodding repeatedly, Spencer proceeded to caution, “But you must know that the Blackwood family is still crucial to us at this juncture. If your relationship with Ms. Blackwood sours, the Blackwoods will turn to the Lindberg family. That, I believe, is something totally detrimental to us…”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” Zachary interrupted Spencer mid-sentence and revealed, “But the damage has been done.” As Spencer gaped at the revelation, Zachary summarized the incident earlier, “I’ve told her everything. Straightforwardly. She threw a huge tantrum in my office, threatening to kill herself. I did not relent to her drama. Ah, yes. Did you know that she slashed her own wrist? And oh, as she was bleeding, I chased her out.”


Spencer could barely manage to stand, stunned beyond words.

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