Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 567

“What has happened, happened!” Spreading out his hand, Zachary stated nonchalantly, “Regardless of his feelings, Grandpa has to agree no matter what. There’s no turning back now!”

“Act first, report later, huh? You’re playing a dangerous game here, young man.”

Spencer sighed, his face pale with fright. For a moment, he was at a loss for words as he staggered back.

“Mr. Spencer, are you okay?” Ben tried to support him but was pushed away. “Get off me, you brat. Why didn’t you warn Mr. Zachary beforehand?”

“Do I dare to?” Ben muttered back.

“Mr. Spencer, it’s not like we could do anything to change the situation anyway. Might as well help us to persuade Mr. Nacht to accept Ms. Windt,” Ben cautiously advised. “In fact, Ms. Windt is quite a decent…”

“Damn brat.” Spencer slapped Bruce hard across his back. “You’re also part of the mess!”

“He’s right, you know,” Defending Bruce, Zachary raised an eyebrow and asked, “Tell me, where have I gone wrong?”

“…” Spencer stayed silent for a long time. Unable to come up with anything, he could only force a stiff smile and said, “Yes, Mr. Zachary!”

“So you’re now on board my plan to help to convince Grandpa?” Zachary immediately took advantage of the situation and made the first move. “Thank you, Mr. Spencer. You’re the best!”

“…” Spencer fell into an even longer silence. Have I just accidentally fall into a trap set by Mr. Zachary? This proverbial pit that ensnared him was way too obvious.

“Thank you, Mr. Spencer!” Both Bruce and Ben echoed the gratitude and bowed their heads.

The realization was too late to save Spencer from the deep pit he was now in. He felt suffocated and speechless. His face had turned proverbially purple as he stood rooted to the spot.

At this moment, the medical staff walked out of the ward with the children in tow. One of the staff said to Zachary, “Sir, Mr. Nacht is expecting your presence.”

“Aye.” Zachary nodded, knelt down, and said to the children, “Go to the lounge for some snacks first and wait for Daddy, okay?”

“Aye, Daddy!”

The children nodded obediently and followed the medical staff to the lounge.

Zachary looked at Spencer meaningfully before turning and walking into the ward.

Spencer knew what those eyes meant. Feeling awkwardly embarrassed, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and followed behind.

“Cheeky rascal. At least you’ve lived up to my expectations!” Old Henry grumbled good-naturedly, still immersed in the joy of having gained three great-grandchildren. He was still grinning from ear to ear…

“All these years, I kept wondering if my overly strict ways had caused you to be bull-headed and oblivious to relationship matters. Hell, I’m impressed that you’re quite a capable man, after all, even giving me three adorable great-grandchildren. Heh!”

“As long as you’re glad,” Zachary smirked.

“Of course I’m glad. I’m beyond glad. But now it’s time for us to follow up with our next moves.”

Veering into this topic was exactly what Zachary had hoped for. Old Henry’s face turned into serious mode as he uttered, “After all, these are the true flesh and blood of our Nacht family we’re talking about here. I can’t possibly let them live outside, let alone bearing other surnames. Have you communicated with the mother of the children in any way? Change the names and surnames of the children perhaps?”

“Not really.”

Having grown up overseas, Zachary had not given this issue any proper thought, nor paid much attention to the surnames. He had initially thought that the names Robinson Windt, Jamison Windt, and Elisa Windt sounded pretty fine.

Therefore, he had not once raised up this issue with Charlotte at all.

“We’ll discuss this today. Tomorrow we’ll change their surnames.” Old Henry was obviously strict on this kind of matter and was already feeling impatient. “Also, what’s your plan to house the children’s mother?”

“Now, now, about this issue…”

“I’ll suggest to you this: just stuff a huge sum of money into her account so she can settle down comfortably in the future somewhere, preferably away from the children.”

Without giving Zachary a chance to speak, old Henry had laid down the law. “After all, she’s probably not from a prominent family. It’ll be impossible to marry her. But since she has borne us Nachts three lovely children, we can’t treat her bad…”

“Grandpa…” Zachary found an opportunity to interrupt old Henry. “Our family already has tons of money. Therefore we have no need to rely on marriage to increase our wealth. I don’t see a problem with marrying a mere commoner.”

Hearing these words, old Henry was a little surprised. “So you’re saying, you’re willing to marry the children’s mother?”

“Of course.” Feeling determined, Zachary confidently revealed, “In fact, I’ve already brought her home. We’ve been waiting for you to wake up before starting our preparation for our wedding.”

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