Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 568

Henry frowned as rage surged within him. “This is nonsense! What is in your mind? We have issued an official announcement on your marriage with Sharon. The date for the engagement ceremony is also finalized!” he bellowed at Zachary.

Zachary shrugged his shoulders and replied casually, “Nothing to worry. Just call it off. After all, it’s never my idea to hold the engagement ceremony.”

Henry almost burst a blood vessel. He lashed out at Zachary, “Have you gone nuts? Aren’t you aware of the current extreme circumstance? Lindberg Corporation has penetrated into the local market, and you’re now on bad terms with your aunt. If both Synder Group and Brown Groupjoin forces with Lindberg Corporation, the status of Nacht group would be

greatly shaken, don’t you understand?”

“Brown Group has already joined forces with Lindberg Corporation,” Zachary replied placidly.

“What? Are you sure? Is it confirmed?” Henry was stupefied.

Zachary nodded and said slowly, “It’s confirmed. Hector has a grudge against me all this while. Since he’s marrying Helena Brown soon, it’s a sure thing that the Browns will join forces with Lindberg Corporation and conquer Southcastle Shore.

Henry’s frown deepened into a scowl. “In that case, you mustn’t call off your wedding with Sharon. If not…”

Before Henry could finish his words, Zachary cut him off, “I’ve already called it off.”

“Mr. Zachary…” Spencer gasped and was not in time to stop Zachary. Initially, he was thinking of reminding Zachary not to tell Henry about that first. As Henry had just regained consciousness, he was worried that the breaking news would be a great blow to him.

“What do you mean?” Henry’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“I’ve already called it off this morning.” Zachary added with a sense of placidity in his tone, “As for the detail, I’m not planning to elaborate on that, in case you can’t take it…”

“You’re really an unfilial child! How could you do that without my consent?” Henry was exasperated and screamed at him.

On the instant, he grabbed the cup in front of him and smashed it onto Zachary.

Zachary moved aside swiftly and ducked the cup. Crack! In a split second, the cup shattered into pieces on the floor.

The subordinates outside the ward were taken aback by the loud noise.

Bruce and Ben gave each other a glance; they both had a grim look on their faces.

“Just a while ago, you were still complimenting me for being capable, yet you you’re yelling at me now,” Zachary mumbled in displeasure.

“You! You are a bloody fool!”

Feeling suffocated by the growing rage, Henry started panting and clutched his chest. Blood drained from his face.

Spencer rubbed his chest at once and tried to appease him. “Mr. Nacht, cool down. Don’t be angry. You can’t get so agitated as you’ve just regained consciousness.”

“Mr. Nacht, please take the oxygen!”

The medical staff attended to Henry immediately.

After a while, Henry’s breathing stabilized. However, his forehead was still creased into a frown.

To prevent Zachary from blurting out any inappropriate words and infuriated Henry again, Spencer reminded him warily, “Mr. Zachary, how about you bring young masters and little princess home first? I’ll update you on Mr. Nacht’s condition every day. You can pay him a visit again when his condition is more stable later.”

“Alright.” Zachary nodded and turned to look at Henry. “Grandpa, I’ll make a move first. You’ve a good rest. I’ll come and visit you again.”

“Where are you going! I want you to face the wall and reflect on what you have done!” Henry roared at him again.

Zachary heaved a silent sigh and turned to face the wall obediently. At that very moment, he looked exactly like a problematic student who was being punished.

He knew well about Henry’s temperament. Henry would never let him step out of the ward without a proper explanation.

The ward was in pin-drop silence for quite a while before Henry broke the silence. He glared at Zachary and snapped at him, “Turn and face me now!”

Zachary did as he was told and turned to face him.

“You better be frank with me. What’s your intention? You have started all sorts of intensive training since the year you turned six. Ever since then, you never let your guard down all these years. I’ve always reminded you to look before you leap, haven’t I? How can you be so inconsiderate and impetuous out of a sudden? Tell me, what’s actually playing in your mind now.”

“I can never marry a woman whom I don’t love. Moreover, this woman is manipulative, good at playing mind games and ruthless. If I marry such a troublemaker, my energy would surely be drained from trying to get matters resolved with her every day. Do you think I can still focus on my career advancement with all the disruptions? Grandpa, don’t you think that I’ve made a wise decision?”

Zachary tried to convince Henry by reasoning out with him. He was confident that Henry would accept the facts and give in to him.

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