Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 573

“Why? If you tell him, he’ll make arrangements to get you the best treatment. Besides, you’re his family. You should be honest with him instead of keeping it to yourself,” Mrs. Berry advised.

“Those doctors who are reputable and well-known are not necessarily good. Dad once told me about a reliable doctor who has exceptional medical skills. The doctor has moved away, but we can look for him. Perhaps he can help me out,” said Charlotte as she panted heavily.

Mrs. Berry nodded vigorously. “Yes. I remember. It’s Dr. Felch. I’ll go and find out his whereabouts now.”

“No. We’ll be exposed as soon as you make a move.” Charlotte was out of breath and had difficulty speaking. “Let Mr. Judd handle this. He’ll notify us once he locates Dr. Felch. However, I’m thinking to move out temporarily in case Zachary finds out about my condition.”

“Why are you keeping this from Mr. Zachary?” Mrs. Berry was puzzled.

“I’m in bad shape and I don’t know if I can work this out.” Charlotte cast a bitter smile. “What if I can’t… So if I leave quietly, the devastation of parting with each other can be lessened.”

“My whole world crumbled when Dad died. If it weren’t for the kids, I wouldn’t have made it through. I don’t want them to go through the heart-wrenching pain as I did.”

“They finally have a happy home and a safe harbor. Zachary will take good care of the kids and they can grow up safely and happily. I just want them to stay happy forever.”

Hearing that, Mrs. Berry let out a deep sigh.

“Besides, I know Zachary is in a tight spot right now. He didn’t bring me along to meet Mr. Nacht because he didn’t want to provoke his grandpa. If Mr. Nacht finds out I’m the children’s mother, he’ll never accept me.”

“So I’d better go away for a while and leave each other some space. Zachary can take his time to handle his family affairs while I receive treatment elsewhere. If I get better after that and he manages to persuade Mr. Nacht by then, that will be a happy ending for all.”

After saying that, Charlotte was exhausted. “Mrs. Berry, I didn’t mean to worry you in the first place, but now I need your help to cover me,” she said with her weak voice.

Tears welled up in Mrs. Berry’s eyes. She wiped her tears as she said, “Silly girl, I’ll always be there for you no matter what happens.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Berry. I’ll take a quick nap…” Charlotte’s eyelids grew heavier, gradually feeling sleepy.

“Okay. Go ahead and sleep. I’ll be here to watch over you.”

Mrs. Berry gingerly placed a blanket on her and caressed her forehead. She then wiped Charlotte’s body with a hot towel.

Looking at Charlotte’s pale face, her heart was torn into halves.

“Where’s Mommy?” The triplets were drenched in sweat and they looked for Charlotte as soon as they came home.

“Your mommy should be in Mrs. Berry’s room. Do you want to see her?” a maid asked.

“Yes!” Ellie was excited.

“No.” Robbie stopped her and said thoughtfully, “Mommy is talking with Mrs. Berry. We shouldn’t disturb them. Let’s attend the class first.”

“Yeah! Let’s go to the class!” The triplets enjoyed attending class with Zachary.

“You wait for me upstairs.” Zachary wanted to take a look at Charlotte.

“Alright, Daddy!”

The three of them went upstairs excitedly.

The nurses quickly followed them and took care of them so that they didn’t fall down the stairs.

Zachary headed to Mrs. Berry’s room and gently knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Mrs. Berry asked.

“It’s me. Is Charlotte with you?” Zachary asked politely.

“Um… Yes…” Mrs. Berry was a little panicked. She hurriedly walked over and opened the door in a small gap. “She had an upset stomach just now. She is resting after taking some medicine,” Mrs. Berry spoke softly.

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