Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 584

In the evening, the entire family went out merrily. Fifi spent the journey flaunting her singing abilities in the car.

Lately, Ellie had been conducting music lessons for Zachary in the evening while Fifi listened in nearby. Ironically, Fifi ended up learning every single song while Zachary didn’t even learn one.

Ellie was listening to Fifi sing. She turned to Zachary and said, “Daddy, listen. Fifi’s already learned the song I taught you last night.”

“Mm.” Zachary nodded. “Since Fifi enjoys your lessons so much, why don’t you teach her then?” he suggested.

“No. Fifi can only listen in. Daddy’s the official student.” Ellie wasn’t so easily fooled. She pouted, sternly saying, “Daddy, don’t you think about skipping lessons!”

“…” Zachary looked to Charlotte for help.

Charlotte let out a chuckle. Not only did she not come to his aid, but she also turned to Ellie and said, “Ellie’s such a good teacher!”

“Ingrate!” Zachary pinched Charlotte’s cheek and said.

“Thank you, Mommy!” Ellie smiled brilliantly, pouting her lips to kiss Charlotte.

“Mommy, I studied hard with Daddy too! My legs are healing as well,” Jamie chimed in, lifting his legs to show Charlotte, “I no longer need anyone’s help. I can climb the stairs on my own now!”

“Awesome, Jamie!”

Seeing as Jamie’s legs were recovering, Charlotte felt that she no longer had to worry about the children even if she had to leave.

“Mommy, are you feeling better?” Robbie was always especially sensible. Instead of wanting credit, he showed concern for his mother’s condition instead.

“I’m much better,” Charlotte answered, caressing his little cheeks. “What about you? How are your lessons with Daddy?”

“I’ve gained a lot of knowledge. Daddy said he’ll let me attend elementary school next semester,” Robbie said proudly. “I’ve already surpassed the kindergarten’s curriculum.”

“Elementary school? You’re only four years old next semester.” Charlotte was astonished. She turned to look at Zachary and asked, “Is that really all right?”

“Let me handle the children’s education,” Zachary answered in confidence. “I’ve already made preparations for all three of them.”

“Please don’t set too high expectations for them. They deserve to enjoy their childhood too!” Charlotte said worriedly.

“Education varies from person to person. I’m well aware of what’s suitable for each of them. Don’t worry.” Zachary glanced at his wristwatch. “We’re reaching soon. What are we supposed to do?”

“Put on shoes and a jacket!” The children immediately put on their shoes orderly, having practiced it plenty of times before.

Charlotte was taken aback, watching with amazement. Previously, when she took the kids out with Mrs. Berry, it was always a chaotic scene. However, they had learned to put on their shoes in such a well-behaved manner with one single reminder from Zachary.

She would expect that of Robbie, for he had always been an independent and sensible child. But Jamie and Ellie had been spoiled since birth. The fact that they’d learned to be independent in such a short amount of time was mind-blowing to her.

“Put on your jacket properly. It’s cold outside.” Zachary draped a jacket over Charlotte’s shoulders and carried her off the car.

The children had put on their own shoes and exited the car themselves while the bodyguards and medical staff watched on the outside, fearing they’d miss a step and fall.

Jamie raised his brows and sighed. “Daddy only cares about Mommy. He doesn’t care about us.”

Imitating the lines on TV, Ellie pouted and said, “Daddy and Mommy are lovey-dovey. We’re merely accidents.”

“I wish they would be this lovey-dovey forever.” Robbie watched their back views with a small smile.

Due to the blowing sea breeze, the restaurant manager had been waiting in the cold at the entrance for some time.

Zachary carried Charlotte and entered the seaside restaurant. The atmosphere was warm and romantic as the mellifluous melody of the piano accompanied the sound of waves.

However, a particular yacht parked near the shore caught Zachary’s attention. He made a hand gesture. With no words exchanged, a bodyguard immediately went to investigate it.

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