Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 585

“What is it? Did you see someone you know?” Having been with Zachary for a while, Charlotte understood him down to the T. She knew every meaning behind each of his glances or hand gestures.

“I guess.” He carried her all the way to her seat.

The medical staff helped the children to their seats. Even Fifi had her own dedicated spot.

The restaurant manager brought a waiter along with deference and great enthusiasm.

Zachary was in the midst of placing his order when Ben hurried over and whispered in his ear. The former frowned, merely responding with another hand gesture.

Without further ado, Ben arranged for a dozen elite bodyguards to guard the surroundings with heightened vigilance. The other six remained in the restaurant with them.

Charlotte felt utterly uneasy at the situation.

Although Zachary was a big shot in his company, he would keep a low profile when spending time with family. But the arrangement then was evidently over-the-top.

“Daddy, what happened?” Even Robbie had noticed.

“It’s nothing,” Zachary said softly, patting Robbie’s head. “There’s a children’s play area in that corner. Take your brother and sister there to play. We’ll call you when the appetizer’s here.”

“All right.” Robbie nodded. He turned to his siblings and said, “Jamie, Ellie, let’s go play over there.”


The children slid down from their chairs and ran to the play area with their stubby legs.

Three medical staff and four bodyguards automatically followed after them in caution.

“What’s going on?” Charlotte questioned uneasily.

“It’s my aunt’s yacht.” Zachary furrowed his brows.

“Huh?” Charlotte blanched in an instant. Those three days spent in captivity were the most terrifying experience she’d ever gone through. Just a brief recollection would make her hair stand.

Moreover, that woman had given her an injection. The poison remained in her body like a ticking time bomb, ready to be activated at any moment. As if that wasn’t enough, that woman still had to linger around her like a ghost.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Zachary held Charlotte’s hand in his tightly.

“Let’s go back.” Charlotte had lost her appetite. “I don’t feel like eating anymore.”

“Don’t be nervous. I’m here. What are you afraid of?” he consoled, holding onto her shoulders. “The kids have yet to have their meal. They’ll be disappointed if we were to return so abruptly.”

Hearing that, she finally agreed. She whirled her head around and looked out the clear window, catching sight of the yacht parking near the shore. A bright red S was carved on it, which was Zara’s emblem.

The Nacht family had their own unique symbol. Zachary used a golden S, while Zara’s S was in a shade of red that resembled blood.

At the thought of the poison in her body, Charlotte hated the woman to the bones.

“Don’t think too much.” Zachary stroked her cheek. “Nobody can harm you or the kids with me around.”

“Mm,” Charlotte hummed in response, nodding distractedly.

It was then that the waiter arrived with their food. The children immediately returned to the table after washing their hands, but Zachary stopped them before they could dig in.

Ben tested each dish with a piece of professional equipment he brought. The children were only allowed to eat after he made sure everything was fine.

They had been in high spirits earlier. But after witnessing that, they naturally got a little fearful.

Jamie surveyed his surroundings and asked cautiously, “What’s wrong, Daddy? Is someone trying to poison us?”

“We were just checking for worms.” He caressed Jamie’s head. “Come now. Let’s dig in!”

Despite that, the children were still afraid to move. They waited for Zachary to take the first bite before they reached for the cutleries.

As the children were young, they hardly dwelled on it and began to devour the scrumptious food.

But Charlotte still had no appetite. If the matter with that woman remained unresolved, I would never be able to live in peace with Zachary.

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