Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 587

Zachary only returned in the middle of the night when Charlotte was fast asleep. He took a shower and climbed onto the bed carefully, cuddling her in a spooning position.

“You’re back?” Charlotte said groggily, sensing his familiar breath. She twisted her head around only to be met with his scorching kiss.

Zachary constantly wanted more and would love to absorb her into his body if he could.

She had long gotten used to his passion. Her body was as soft as a stream of spring water as she gently went along with his lead, melting in his embrace.

Soon after, his kisses began to get even more intense. His hands wandered around her body as his breath began to get heavier. Panting, he flipped her onto her back and rolled above her, ready to get his fill of her, but managed to stop himself at the most crucial moment.

“Wait.” He panted heavily. “We are supposed to restrain ourselves.”

“Can you bear with it?” Charlotte asked, cupping her hands around his face.

“I have to even if I can’t.” He sighed helplessly. “Look, you’re bleeding from the nose again.”

He attempted to roll off of her, but she immediately wrapped her arms around him. “But I want to!” She wanted to make love with him before leaving.

“Hmm?” Zachary was flabbergasted. She rarely ever made the first move, much less requesting for it. “What did you say?”

“I said…” She brushed her red, shapely lips against his cheek, whispering into his ear seductively, “I want you.”

Her voice was sultry, sounding like a fatal temptation.

“You said it yourself…” He caved immediately, clasping both her hands above her head as he kissed her like he was aiming to conquer.

Their burning passion quickly filled the room. The two of them, deeply in love, were intertwined with each other like two tightly entwined vines—forever inseparable.

That night, Charlotte was the most passionate she’d ever been. Zachary was insatiable, unable to hold himself back even if he wanted to.

It was a long time later when they calmed down and cuddled each other. Zachary gently raked through her long hair with his fingers, coaxing her to sleep.

Wrapped in his embrace, Charlotte said, “Mrs. Berry and I are returning to the countryside after the wedding tomorrow.”

“Why so sudden?” Zachary frowned, feeling uneasy. “Did something happen?”

“Nope.” She snuggled into his embrace. “I want to return to have everything settled so I can come back earlier to marry you.”

Hearing that, Zachary’s worries dissipated. He held up her face, planting a kiss on her forehead. “We’ll live a blissful life.”

“Mm.” She hugged him tightly. “Mrs. Berry and I will go to the train station on our own tomorrow. Send someone to take us to Happy Avenue will do. I’d like to retrieve something from there.”

“All right.” He patted her back lightly. “Sleep.”

She kissed him good night before snuggling into him, falling into a deep sleep.

At that moment, Charlotte’s heart was full of hope. She felt that Dr. Felch could eliminate the poison in her body, and she would be able to return to marry Zachary.

Because of that, she managed to have a good, restful sleep for once.

On the contrary, Zachary had a nightmare. He dreamed that Charlotte was in an accident, her bloody body lying lifelessly on the forest grounds. Jolting awake, he instinctively checked the sound asleep woman in his arms. He couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

I don’t usually have dreams nor feel this way. What’s wrong with me recently?

As if she could feel it, the sleeping Charlotte circled an arm around his waist to comfort him, pressing her face against his chest.

But Zachary could no longer fall back asleep. He held her in the same position, silently staring at her until the sun rose.

When Charlotte roused from a good night’s sleep, she immediately felt a pair of eyes staring at her. “You’re awake?” She fluttered her eyes open sleepily.

“Mm.” Zachary lifted her face. “Let me accompany you back to the countryside.”

“Huh?” She froze for a second. “You have a lot of work in the company. Besides, Mr. Nacht has only just woken up. The kids will be at home too. How are you supposed to leave?”

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