Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 590

“That’s good,” Zachary commented, thoroughly satisfied. “All right, I’ll see you later then!”

“Mm. See you later!”

Hanging up the call, Charlotte drilled Zachary’s words into her head. She reminded herself not to cause any trouble for him.

Very quickly, the car arrived at the Imperial Hotel. It was one of the hotels that belonged to the Brown Group.

There were two rows of trees adorned with pink balloons leading to the hotel’s greenway, as well as a large wedding portrait of Hector Sterling and Helena Brown.

The atmosphere was rather sweet as a joyous, romantic tune was playing for the wedding march.

When the church from afar sounded its bell, countless pink heart-shaped balloons were released into the skies.

Several luxury cars drove in one after another as the wedding was about to begin.

Watching the grand scene, Charlotte couldn’t help but sigh on the inside. Helena had indeed put in a lot of effort for her wedding. It seemed she was truly in love with Hector Sterling. I wish them nothing but happiness!

The car came to a stop while she was lost in her thoughts. Ben rounded the car to get the door and said respectfully, “Ms. Windt, please.”

Charlotte raised her head and realized there was another car parked next to theirs. When she saw Zachary, she swiftly exited the car and made her way to him under Ben’s escort.

“You’re gorgeous,” Zachary complimented, holding her as she took the seat beside him. He scrutinized her from head to toe to feast his eyes.

“You’re still so handsome despite dressing rather casually.” Charlotte mirrored his actions and checked him out. He was wearing the same suit he usually wore to work, without any accessories. Yet, he exuded the same devilish allure, a god-like dominance lingering in-between his eyebrows.

“Like what you see?” He rested his forehead against her, ambiguously leaning toward her.

“Stop playing…” Charlotte withdrew shyly, using both hands to hold him back by his shoulders. “There’re people around.”

Bruce coughed twice dryly.

On the other hand, Marino, who was the driver, had already gotten used to it.

“Fine. I’ll stop teasing you.” Zachary pinched her cheeks and took her in his arms.

Right when he was about to talk to her about her return to the countryside, Bruce abruptly mentioned, “Mr. Nacht, it’s the Lindbergs.”

Zachary twisted his head and took a gander. He saw an exotic Maybach drove past them—the silver color made it rather low profile. What truly attracted attention, however, was its unique license plate. One glance and anyone could tell it belonged to the Lindberg family.

As there was a line of cars up front, both the Maybach and the Rolls-Royce stopped at the same time.

Separated by the car windows, it was unclear who exactly was sitting in the other car. Nonetheless, a murderous aura could be felt immediately when both persons turned to look at each other.

Charlotte was inexplicably nervous. She glanced at the other car and asked cautiously, “Is that your arch-enemy?”

She had once mocked Zachary, not understanding why he would want to attend Hector Sterling’s—his arch-enemy— wedding. Zachary told her, “The two of them are unfit to be my rival. However, my true rival will indeed be present at the wedding.”

Although Zachary hadn’t revealed much, Charlotte could faintly sense that the person in the other car was most likely his true rival.

“Mm.” Zachary nodded, retracting his gaze. “It’s the Lindberg family.”

Charlotte had heard of the Lindberg family. The Lindbergs were said to control the north while the Nachts control the south. Advancing side by side, the two legendary business families’ positions in the business empire were unshakable.

In the present business field, there was no one else on par with the Nachts aside from the Lindberg family.

Someone once said, “If those two families were to form an alliance, they would be invincible. The king of the business empire would undoubtedly be them.”

Sadly, the two families had been enemies for decades. The previous generations used to fight as if their lives depended on it, bearing deep feuds. Albeit it was eventually resolved and they mutually agreed to mind their own business, a collaboration was still out of the question.

Originally, it seemed the two families would continue existing in peace. However, the Lindberg Corporation was passed down to its new successor recently. It was then they began entering the domestic market and competed with the Nachts head-on.

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