Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 591

Zachary had been biding his time without making any retaliation. However, the business circles were waiting to watch a good show. It didn’t matter when it would happen or who would come up on top—it was certain to set off a bloody storm.

“Why are they here to attend Hector and Helena’s wedding? Do the two families rely on help from the Lindberg Corporation?” Charlotte asked uneasily.

“You’re not too stupid, I see.” Zachary pinched her chin lightly.

“Isn’t that a great disadvantage to you?” Her expression turned sour. “On top of that, you’re dismissing the engagement with the Synder Group. If the Synder Group were to align with the Lindbergs, then—”

“They’ve already aligned.” Zachary rubbed at his temples. “We’ll settle everything here once and for all.”

“For real?” Charlotte turned pale with fright. “The Synder Group and the Divine Corporation still have ongoing collaboration projects. How could she align with the Lindbergs at this juncture? According to the contract regulations, they would have to compensate ten times their capital in the case of a breach.”

“Indeed, it is stated so in the contract, but anyhow, it was my fault. It wouldn’t look good if both parties continue fighting over it,” Zachary said bluntly. “More importantly, the Nachts are indebted to Taylor Blackwood. I can’t make them cough out the compensation.”


“We’ll terminate the projects, dismiss the contract, and call it quits. From now on, we’ll no longer owe the Blackwood family.”

Charlotte couldn’t come up with any response to his words. Outsiders who were unclear about the situation might think of Zachary as arrogant and impulsive. But she was well aware he was sacrificing these to give her and the children status and a proper home.

Actually, he didn’t have to rush with calling off the engagement. Had he been more of a selfish, practical jerk, he could totally marry Sharon Blackwood and deal with the Lindbergs before handling his personal matters.

Yet, he chose otherwise.

He would rather give her and the children a name, even if it meant shouldering a tremendous amount of pressure and risks.

That was how a real man assumed his responsibility.

“Then, aren’t you in a disadvantaged position right now?” At the thought of the pressure Zachary was shouldering alone, her heart clenched. “The Lindbergs have the support of the Browns, the Sterlings, and the Blackwoods—that makes them twice as strong. Whereas the Nacht Group has divided its assets into two since the beginning. It’s too difficult for you to go against the Lindbergs on your own.”

“It’s not easy. But don’t worry. Your Hubby, I, is more than capable enough to handle it.” Zachary caressed her face lovingly.

“I’m sorry. It’s me who dragged you down.” Charlotte felt exceptionally guilty. If it weren’t for her, there would be no grievances between Zachary and the Browns and Sterlings. He wouldn’t have broken all ties with the Blackwoods either. As such, it could be said that the three families only went against Zachary because of her.

No wonder Henry once called her a femme fatale. In fact, there was some truth to it.

“Silly girl.” Zachary frowned. “You have to have confidence in me.”

“All right.” She nodded and changed the subject. “There’s one thing I don’t quite understand. Why would Mr. Blackwood allow Sharon to act so willfully? Does he not care?”

“The Synder Group’s shares have already been possessed by the Blackwood mother-daughter duo. Taylor is nowhere near as good as he’s made out to be. He’s unable to keep her in check.”

Zachary was equally speechless when speaking about it.

“Sharon had been raised on the streets since a young age and experienced some hardships. Taylor feels that he owes it to her and was extra indulgent. Add that up with her intelligence and capabilities, Taylor handed the company to her with no expectations that his biological daughter would conquer the family’s assets and overthrow him.”

Charlotte was dumbfounded. “Sharon’s too ruthless!”

“How else could she achieve greatness without being ruthless?” Zachary raised a brow. “If everyone were like you, the business world would be in peace.”

“All right…” She pouted unhappily.

He lifted her face and smirked. “However… Even though you look simple-minded and half-witted, you managed to conquer a king like me. Therefore, you’re the best out of everyone else!”

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