Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 593

“Next month.” Zachary added, “We’ll send out the invitations soon.”

“Really? You’re both engaged already?”

Helena was shocked, to say the least. She had always believed that Zachary wasn’t serious about Charlotte and wouldn’t actually marry her. Unexpectedly, Zachary himself admitted that they would be holding a wedding the following month.

“Yes.” Zachary gently squeezed Charlotte’s waist. “It’ll take time for Charlotte’s customized wedding gown and accessories to be ready, or I would’ve married her this month itself.”

“What’s the rush?” Hector blurted.

“I wouldn’t want my future wife running away before sealing the deal, would I?” Zachary joked.

Charlotte released a soft giggle in response, and the two looked at each other affectionately.

Jealousy crept into Helena’s heart as she looked at Charlotte. It was her wedding, yet Charlotte had stolen her thunder.

Since she was young, she was overshadowed by Charlotte as long they were in the room, even during her own wedding.

With a stiff smile on his face, Hector said insincerely, “That’s great. Congratulations.”

“Both of you can rest for a while. We have to greet the other guests outside. Please head to the banquet hall later. The official ceremony will begin in half an hour.”

Helena flashed one last smile.

“Sure. Don’t let us keep you here.” Zachary guided Charlotte to sit back down.

Subsequently, Helena tugged Hector away. As soon as they rounded a corner, she couldn’t help from castigating him, “Look at how Mr. Nacht treats Charlotte! She’s the only thing he sees. Every action and gaze is for her. But what about you? Things were still fine before seeing her, but once you did, it was like I became completely invisible to you.”

“You’re reading too much into things.” Hector explained insipidly, “She’s Zachary’s woman. How can I think about her that way?”

“So you’re saying that you would if she isn’t Zachary’s woman? Is that it?” Helena glared vehemently at him.

“No…” Hector frowned deeply. “It’s our wedding today. Can you stop throwing a tantrum? It’s not good for the baby too.”

At the mention of the baby, Helena kept her temper in check, but still angrily warned, “Hector, I’ve sacrificed so much for you. I even resorted to using my own family just to help you. If you let me down, I will never forgive you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Hector held her waist intimately. “Let’s go outside. There are other guests waiting for us.

“Mr. L and Mr. Nacht will definitely confront each other today. Let’s just sit back and watch. No matter who emerges as the winner, we’ll still stand to benefit!”

“Mm. I know.”

In the room, Zachary was on the phone, but his eyes were trained on Charlotte the whole time.

Charlotte was munching on some fruits on the sofa, seemingly having a good appetite. She finished an entire bunch of grapes before moving onto some small cakes.

After ending the call, Zachary pulled her into his arms and cupped her cheek. “Look how good your appetite is. Could you really be pregnant? We should check…”

“Nah, I don’t think so. I’ve always had a good appetite.” Charlotte continued eating without a care in the world.

“Still, let’s check just to be sure. I’ll take you to the hospital later.”

Zachary hoped for Charlotte to bear him a few more children; the more the merrier.

“No.” Charlotte shook her head. “I’ve already promised Mrs. Berry we’d go visit the countryside right after the wedding.”

“You’re being disobedient.” Zachary bit her bottom lip unhappily.

“S-Stop it!”

Bruce rushed in to report his findings while they were fooling around. When he saw the suggestive scene, he hastily swiveled around. “Mr. Nacht, the wedding is about to begin. Everything is set!”

“Mm.” Zachary helped Charlotte to her feet.

Both of them tidied up their clothes and walked out hand-in-hand.

As soon as they stepped out, they ran into Michael, who was walking toward them. He was in an all-black suit with his long hair tied up. Besides his dashing good looks, he gave off an artistic vibe. Upon seeing Charlotte, he was visibly stunned.

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