Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 596


The bodyguards took off their clothes and pounced on Luna.

“No. No-” Luna released a blood-curdling scream. “Helena, you evil b*tch! I’ll haunt you even after I die. Ahh-”

Her bone-chilling screams reached every inch of the banquet hall, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.

“No, no. It wasn’t me…” Helena was petrified and began to screaming in panic, “No, it’s not like that. Turn it off. Turn it off!”

Amid her hysterical screams, Hector had already sprinted to the backstage and turned off the projector.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. All the guests had already seen and heard everything. Some of them even recorded it on their phones.

The jubilant and romantic wedding scene abruptly turned into a criminal trial with all the guests as witnesses.

The people in the video were clearly displayed. They were Luna, Helena, and several of the Browns’ bodyguards.

A few of them were even present.

Such a detailed and complex video was impossible to fabricate. Without a doubt, the evidence was conclusive.

Everyone was flabbergasted, including the Sterlings and the Browns.

Charlotte was stupefied after watching the video. Even though she knew about it a long time ago, she never expected it to be exposed during the wedding. She stared dumbly at the stage, then shifted her gaze to Zachary.

Zachary lowered his head to light the cigarette between his lips, then gracefully took a long drag, as though everything was within his control and was all part of his plan.

“Is this true, Helena?” Michael stood up and confronted her, barely controlling his emotions.

As the only son and backbone of the Brown family, Michael’s question forced her directly into the cusp of public opinion.

“N-No. Michael, listen to me…”

“Ms. Brown, I suggest you remain silent.” A senior judicial officer amongst the guests yelled icily, “According to my experience, the video didn’t look like a fake. The media live broadcast has already uploaded the video online. I believe that the police will contact you soon.”

“No. Judge Longman, I…” Helena attempted to explain herself.

However, the judge was having none of it. He shot to his feet and bowed to Steven and Samuel before politely declaring, “My apologies. I’m a public official, so it’s not appropriate for me to attend this wedding. Take care, everyone.”

With that, the judge led his family out of the hall.

Other guests with official positions also left one after another. Some had the courtesy to bid the Sterlings and the Browns farewell, while others did not.

In just a few short minutes, most of the guests had already left.

By then, the projector had been switched off and the romantic music resumed playing. Unfortunately, no one was willing to offer them their blessings anymore.

Upon rushing back, Hector saw the dwindling number of guests and tried to persuade them from leaving.

Some of them refused to listen, storming away before he even reached them.

Some angrily scolded him, saying that he was a heartless man for committing such a heinous crime against his first wife just to associate himself with the Browns.

Some of his relatives advised him against marrying such a vile woman, telling him to cancel the wedding and stay away from the Browns.

Michael climbed to the stage to question Helena again, demanding if what happened in the video was true.

Helena denied it until the end and furiously lambasted the staff for ruining her wedding and happiness, swearing to make them pay.

The wedding had become a chaotic mess. Charlotte was still trapped in a daze when Zachary tugged her toward the back door.

Snapping back to her senses, she was about to ask something when she suddenly spotted Timothy standing in a corner, glaring at Helena with bitter hatred gleaming in his eyes.

Under her shocked stare, he took out a pair of scissors from his schoolbag and hurtled toward the stage in a crazed manner.

“Timothy!” Charlotte yelled, but her voice was drowned out by Helena’s angry shrieks toward the staff.

Timothy’s little figure streaked through the crowd and bounded onto the stage. At last, the sharp scissors pierced into Helena’s stomach. “Just die, you evil woman!”

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