Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 598

“You flatter me, Mr. Lindberg.” Zachary stared at the man’s side profile and with a placid smile on his face. “H City can only accommodate one king. You should find yourself another territory.”

“My apologies, but I’ve taken an liking to this particular city.” The man’s low and hoarse voice carried a wintry undertone. “Until then.”

Thereafter, the Maybach glided away.

Charlotte watched the car leave and couldn’t help but remark, “That man is so mysterious. I mean, he didn’t show his face the whole time.”

“That’s just how the Lindbergs are. Bunch of lunatics.” Zachary’s tone became unpleasant mentioning the Lindberg family.

“Oh.” Deciding to end this topic, Charlotte exclaimed, “Helena and Hector both had it coming. I just feel sad for the boy…”

“His appearance was out of my expectation.”

Ever since Zachary became a father, he started having a soft spot for children. He never wanted Timothy to see the video. At first, he thought that Hector would have excluded his son from his wedding by all means after committing such a crime against his first wife to marry another woman. Unexpectedly, Timothy had appeared at the wedding.

It was hard to imagine a child already possessing murderous intent at such a young age.

Adults committed crimes, but their children suffered the consequences.

It was indeed a lamentable reality.

“I hope he’s okay.” Charlotte’s brows furrowed with worry lining her features. “No matter what Timothy has done, Hector would probably still protect his son, right? But Helena is such a ruthless person. I don’t even know if Hector can keep Timothy safe.”

“Don’t worry. The Browns will be in deep trouble soon. When that time comes, they wouldn’t have the time or energy to bother about the boy.” Zachary patted her hand in consolation. “I’ll send you home.”

“Yeah.” Charlotte nodded, not allowing herself to dwell on the matter any longer.

When Zachary and Charlotte arrived home, Mrs. Berry had already packed their suitcases and was waiting on the first floor.

Charlotte went back to her house to change into more comfortable clothes. She took her bag and was about to head downstairs, but Zachary hugged her tightly to his chest and commanded domineeringly, “Call me every day to update your status and come back as soon as possible, preferably right after you’ve settled your stuff!”

“Got it.” Charlotte rose on her tippy toes to kiss him softly. “I’ll leave the kids to you. Take good care of them and yourself too.”

“Got it.” Zachary reached out to pinch her nose lovingly. “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

“Mm.” Both of them embraced for a while longer before reluctantly going downstairs.

The bodyguards waiting at the door helped with the suitcases. Then, they sent Charlotte and Mrs. Berry to Happy Avenue.

Before pulling away, Charlotte rolled down the window and waved goodbye to Zachary.

As Zachary watched the car leave, he instructed Bruce, “Protect them in the shadows.”

“Understood.” Bruce immediately followed after them.

“Miss, I didn’t bring much. We have one small suitcase each, but we can buy one later if you find that you need more space.” Mrs. Berry chatted with Charlotte in the car. “I made a hundred hot cross bunnies earlier and informed Mrs. Rawlston to heat them up for the triplets every morning.”

“Aww, that’s so thoughtful of you.” Charlotte smiled and patted her hand before urging the driver, “Could you speed up a little?”

“Yes, Ms. Windt.”

Soon, the car arrived at Happy Avenue. Charlotte instructed the bodyguards to leave first, then dragged her suitcase upstairs with Mrs. Berry to retrieve some relevant documents.”

After that, she cast a vigilant glance at the front gates of the residential estate. Once she was certain they weren’t being followed, she hailed a taxi and headed straight for the train station.

Zachary was on his way to the company when he received a message from Bruce.Bruce:

Ms. Windt didn’t go to the cemetery. She went directly to the train station. Maybe she’s taking the train back to the countryside?

“Continue tailing her and keep her safe.”

“Yes, sir.”

An hour later, Charlotte and Mrs. Berry smoothly boarded the train heading toward Phoenix City.

Meanwhile, Zachary received an update about it on his phone.

He was very puzzled. Isn’t she going back to the countryside? Mrs. Berry’s hometown is in F Town, so why are they going to Phoenix City? What on earth is she up to?

It seems like she really is hiding something from me…

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