Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 603

We’ve been out here for ten days now. There’s no way I can keep up with the lie for that long before Zachary starts asking questions. I should probably come clean with him and don’t have to worry about staying here to complete the treatment.

One evening, Hayley was getting ready the herbal bath and sterilized acupuncture needles for Charlotte. Dr. Felch was having a conversation with Sam outside the house before the latter headed out in a backpack.

“Where’s Sam going?” Charlotte asked.

“My herbal stock is almost out, so I’m getting Sam to replenish the supply from a nearby village.” Dr. Felch looked up at the sky and muttered, “Looks like it’s going to rain soon. Ah! Sam forgot to bring an umbrella with him,” the man said while hurrying after Sam with an umbrella.

Charlotte went to help Mrs. Berry with the herbs organization when they heard a loud bang coming from outside.

Before they could respond to it, a terrible wail could be heard coming from the same direction.

When Charlotte rushed to the front, she saw both Dr. Felch and Sam knocked down by a jeep. Sam managed to escape unscathed, but Dr. Felch was lying unconscious in a pool of blood.

Hayley’s leg turned wobbly and fell to the ground, clearly shaken up by the event she just witnessed.

“Dr. Felch—” Charlotte was about to dash over to Dr. Felch when she was stopped by a few men dressed in all black as they attempted to drag her onto the jeep.

“Who are you? Let go of me!” Charlotte cried while struggling to break free.

“Keep your hands off her!” Mrs. Berry barked as she charged toward them with a broomstick in her hand. However, the elder woman had only taken a few steps before she was knocked down by one of the men.

“Mrs. Berry!” Charlotte was terrified.

One of the men raised his hand to strike Charlotte when a dagger flew out from nowhere and landed right on his wrist.

The man let out a loud growl before he dropped to the ground.

The rest of the men from the jeep drew their weapons. But before they had a chance to fight, all of them were taken down by the Nacht family’s bodyguards.

“Ms. Windt, are you alright?” Bruce asked anxiously.

“I’m fine. Call an ambulance. Quick!” Charlotte’s heart was pounding.

“Of course!”

Unfortunately, Dr. Felch was the only doctor in the proximity. Although Sam and Hayley had some basic medical knowledge, they were not well versed enough to treat someone in a serious condition. Hence, all they could do before the arrival of the ambulance was to staunch the bleeding.

Due to their rural location, the ambulance did not arrive until half an hour later.

Charlotte and the rest hurried after the ambulance. Everyone was holding their breaths for the safety of Dr. Felch.

The medical staff barely managed to save Dr. Felch’s life. But due to the inadequate equipment in the town hospital, he had to be transferred to a bigger hospital in the city.

Charlotte had wanted to follow the transfer, but her body once again acted up, causing her to wince in pain as blood started to trickle down her nose. Charlotte covered her nose while walking away from the bodyguards.

Nevertheless, she did not escape Bruce’s notice.

One day later, Charlotte woke up from a well-lit hospital room. A familiar face appeared before her blurry daze—it was Raina.

“Dr. Langhan?” Charlotte gaped at her, doubting her own vision. “Why are you here?”

Instead of a verbal reply, Raina shifted her body to the side.

As she did that, Zachary came into focus. He seemed to be engaging in a discussion with a few specialists a few steps away. Upon hearing Charlotte’s voice, the man tilted his head in her direction before asking the rest of them to leave the room.

“Zachary?” Charlotte panicked. “What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t go anywhere. It’s you who have come back,” Zachary replied and sat down on the side of her bed. Cupping her face in his hands, the man continued to explain, “The medical equipment in Phoenix City is far too outdated. I’ve also transferred Dr. Felch here.”

“Oh…” Charlotte’s heart fluttered, her mind raced. How much does he know? Am I still able to keep him in the dark about the fact that I was poisoned?

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