Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 604

“I know what happened.” Zachary saved Charlotte from wondering. His brows furrowed in a knit as he questioned, “Are you out of your mind? What makes you think that it’s okay to not only hide such a serious problem from me but also seek treatment by yourself?”

Charlotte was momentarily disconcerted by the man’s fury.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Still cupping her face, Zachary grunted the words through his gritted teeth, “Did you think I can’t be of any help?”

“No—” Charlotte shook her head fervently.

“Then tell me why?” The man was seething with frustration. “Were you worried you’ll be a burden to me?”

Still not saying a word, Charlotte continued to keep her head down.

“You’re a silly woman!” Zachary held her in his arms tightly and bit into Charlotte’s shoulder while doing so.

“It hurts!” Charlotte cried in pain.

“I meant it to! That’s how you’ll learn your lesson!”

Zachary was feeling a mix of emotions—he was feeling angry, worried, and guilty all at the same time.

“There I was, thinking your nosebleed was due to libido indulgence. And every time you woke up in the middle of the night, it was because of the pain, not nightmares. Each time you had to suffer in silence in the washroom all by yourself…” With each word he uttered, it was as though a dagger had pierced through his heart.

How could I not see that she was in so much pain? I’ll not forgive myself if anything happens to her!

“But I’m better now. You see, Dr. Felch has found an effective treatment for me.” It pained Charlotte to see Zachary blaming himself for the condition she was in. “I’ve felt a lot better after only a few days of treatment. I’m sure I’ll recover in no time if we continue the routine—”

“Dr. Felch is still in critical condition right now.” Zachary cut her off mid-sentence. His voice turned solemn. “He is badly injured. No one can guarantee when he will come to.”

“Huh?” Charlotte’s eyes widened in astonishment.

We’ve finally made some progress, and now this happened. Worst of all, Dr. Felch was dragged into this mess because of me!

“Why didn’t you let me know sooner?” Zachary’s voice was full of self-reproach. “If I’d known earlier, I wouldn’t have let things like this happen to any of you.”

“I’m so sorry…” Charlotte, too, was guilt-ridden. “Will Dr. Felch be okay? This is all my fault. And Sam… Is he—”

“Sam is alright, apart from some minor scratches,” Raina explained carefully. “Mrs. Berry and Hayley are doing fine also. Dr. Felch, on the other hand, is still being monitored in the ICU.

Charlotte lowered her head like a deflated balloon, feeling disheartened by the news.

Dr. Felch is my last hope. Now that he’s lying unconscious in ICU, will I ever be cured?

“Don’t you worry,” Zachary reassured her in a comforting voice. “Regarding the poison in your body, Hayley says she is familiar with the acupoints and can continue her treatment for you. As for the herbs, Sam is also well aware of the combination. Together with Raina’s assistance, we’ll be able to resume the regimen soon.”

“Is that true?” Charlotte turned to Raina.

“That’s right.” Raina nodded. “I’ve asked someone to source all the necessary herbs. We’re well within schedule to start the procedures tomorrow.”

“Thank you…” Charlotte finally heaved a short sigh of relief before she pleaded with Raina, “Please, make sure you save Dr. Felch. I feel bad enough as it is.”

“That’s for sure. We have employed the best surgeons to look after him.” Raina’s expression was remorseful. “I’m so sorry, Ms. Windt. When I did a full body check-up for you earlier, it didn’t cross my mind to do a blood test for you. It’s my carelessness that landed you in this situation…”

“Damn right it’s your fault!” Zachary retorted.

“I’m really sorry. I’m willing to accept any punishment.” Raina lowered her head.

“It’s not her fault, Zachary. No one would have thought to check my blood for toxins at that time.” Charlotte tried to calm the man down. “We have more urgent issues to settle right now.”

Zachary’s expression softened as he stroked her face gently. “Alright. Rest up now. We’ll start tending to your illness tomorrow. You’ll be better soon.”

“Hmm.” The woman nodded dutifully.

“Go to sleep.” Zachary put Charlotte to bed before leaving her room in quick steps.

Once he stepped outside the ward, Zachary’s expression turned frosty as he ordered in a lowered voice, “Gather the people. I have some scores to settle with the madwoman right now!”

“Mr. Nacht…”

“I said, now!”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht!”

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