Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 605

Zachary arrived at Zara’s residence with a few dozen subordinates, only to find an empty building.

Zara had already anticipated that her nephew would soon learn of what she did to Charlotte and come after her to seek revenge.

She had already moved to a safe place as soon as she caught wind that her plan was exposed.

Zachary was left fuming. The fact that one of his family members managed to anticipate his move made him grit his teeth in intense rage.

You’re lucky you got away this time. But you can’t stay hidden for the rest of your life!

As per schedule, Charlotte started receiving therapies the next day.

Hayley executed Dr. Felch’s instructions to a tee in her acupuncture, but a smaller amount of toxic blood was discharged this time.

Nonetheless, everyone agreed that as long as there was still poisonous blood in Charlotte’s body, they should soldier on.

The lesser amount of blood might have been due to the large volume of it being let out before.

Charlotte kept her chin up, feeling positive that she was on the right track to full recovery.

After a full month of treatment, there was hardly any tinted blood from the acupoints, and Charlotte had stopped experiencing painful fits altogether.

Zachary was thrilled and convinced that Charlotte had fully rid herself of the poison in her body.

This morning, Zachary helped Charlotte check out from the hospital while informing her of another news, “Guess what, Grandpa is also being discharged today.”

“Mr. Nacht is fine now? That’s great!” Charlotte was overjoyed.

“His legs are not as flexible and agile as before, but his overall health has improved considerably. We just need to take better care of his diet.” Cupping her face in his hands, the man said softly, “The kids have missed you.”

“I’ve missed them too.”

Charlotte felt an instant pang of guilt in her chest. She had avoided her children during her stay in the hospital so they would not see the frail and haggard state she was in.

But all is well now. I can finally see the kids tonight.

“Let’s go.” Zachary took her hand in his and was about to head out the door when Charlotte stopped him.

“Can I please visit Dr. Felch before we go?”

Charlotte still felt apologetic for having involved Dr. Felch in this mess.

“Okay. I’ll go with you.” Zachary wrapped his hand around her shoulder and walked to Dr. Felch’s ward.

Hayley, Sam, and Mrs. Berry were also by Dr. Felch’s bedside.

The mere presence of Zachary was enough to instill nervousness in Hayley and Sam. Hence Charlotte had him waiting outside the ward while she entered the ward.

“Miss.” Mrs. Berry walked up to Charlotte. “I’ve finished packing. We can check out together.”

“Mrs. Berry, is your back okay?”

Mrs. Berry had sustained a back injury when she attempted to free Charlotte from the kidnap. While Charlotte was receiving treatment in the hospital, so was Mrs. Berry.

“I’m alright. My back is fully recovered now,” Mrs. Berry said while stretching her back. “I’m still taking the herbal medicine. It’s been really helpful.”

“That’s good to hear.” Charlotte nodded in relief and then turned to Hayley and Sam. “Why don’t both of you come to stay with me? You can still visit Dr. Felch every day—”

“I’m fine, Charlotte. I’ll stay here to watch over Dr. Felch,” Sam replied resolutely.

“Me too. I want to stay here to look after Dr. Felch.” Hayley, on the other hand, was still her cheerful self. “Please go ahead without us, Charlotte. When Dr. Felch is well again, we will go visit you.”

“Okay.” Knowing their close relationships with Dr. Felch, Charlotte did not push. “I’ll come to visit Dr. Felch whenever I can. You can call me up anytime anything comes up, okay?”

“Hmm, we will.” Both of them nodded.

“Alright, I’ll get going.” Charlotte gave Hayley a hug and was about to leave with Mrs. Berry when Sam called out to her, “Charlotte…”

“Yes?” Charlotte turned to Sam.

“Take good care of yourself. And please come back to us if you feel any discomfort,” Sam reminded.

After a moment’s hesitation, Charlotte replied to him with a smile, “I will.”

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