Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 606

Charlotte still felt slightly unsettled after leaving the hospital. For some reason, her mind kept flashing back Sam’s final reminder, causing her to think that there was still toxic residual in her blood.

Even so, there was not much else she could do about it, considering Dr. Felch was still unconscious, and Hayley and Sam only knew so much about her condition.

Dr. Felch did say it takes time to clear all the toxins from my body in stages. It could well be that the herbal bath and acupuncture were only the first two stages out of many. And he was attacked before he had a chance to implement them. I can only pray for myself and hope that Dr. Felch will come around soon so we can pick up where he left off.

“What’s wrong?” Sensing something was bothering her, Zachary held her in his arms. “Are you still worried about Dr. Felch? I’ve arranged for the best surgeons to take care of him. Raina also reassured that he will slowly come around. He is, after all, no longer a young person, so his recovery is bound to take more time.”

“Hmm.” Charlotte nodded absent-mindedly.

“Stop worrying,” Zachary said while rubbing her face playfully. “You’re gonna have to gather yourself and want to look your best in the bridal dress. There are only seven days left for you to get ready. You surely don’t want to look like this in your bridal pictures.”

“What?” Charlotte was stunned. “What seven days?”

“Our wedding,” the man replied matter-of-factly. “I’ve already announced publicly that we’ll get married on the ninth this month!”

“What? When? And why didn’t I know anything about it?” There were too many questions in Charlotte’s head. She was at a loss which one to ask first.

“I’ve made the announcement three days ago,” Zachary said while flashing a gold-colored invitation card in front of her. “I’ve also sent out all the invitation cards.”

The woman was speechless for a moment as she tried to digest the information. “Oh my gosh, we haven’t even had pre-wedding bridal photos taken, and you have already sent out all the invitations?”

Charlotte frantically opened the invitation card, only to see a few simple lines of invitation without the usual bridal photo.

“Well, my initial plan was to have a world-class wedding ceremony with you. But on second thought, since you don’t like being high-profile, I’ve opted for a smaller celebration with a few close families, friends, and business partners. They all know me to be a low-key person, so I’m sure they won’t mind the missing bridal photo in the invitation cards.”

Zachary continued to share his plan for the wedding with Charlotte.

“However, we’re still going to take pre-wedding bridal shots. So, I’ve asked someone to prepare a yacht for our family of six to take some photos tomorrow.”

“You’ve even made arrangements for that? But tomorrow is Wednesday. Don’t the kids have school?” Charlotte flipped out a little.

“It’s kindergarten, honey. I’m sure it’ll be okay for them to skip one day.” The corner of Zachary’s mouth curled up a little. “They’ve already sent the invitation cards to their teachers and little friends while waiting for your return.”

Oh dear God.

Charlotte was experiencing the strange feeling of having to play the main character without knowing anything about her. “What about your grandfather? Has he given us his blessing?”

“Well, the reason he rushed into discharging himself today was that he saw the invitation card.” The man pursed his lips. “And he’ll be visiting us tonight to talking about the wedding.”

Zachary had once again rendered Charlotte speechless by putting her on the spot. “Oh my goodness, you’ve gone behind his back on this! What if he says no?”

“No one is going to change my mind about this.” Zachary’s voice took on a solemn tone. “Not even him.”


“Alright, now.” The man interrupted her speech and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Let me worry about it. Right now, I want you to just focus on being the most beautiful bride in the world!”

Charlotte was deeply moved by the man’s unwavering profession of love for her and decided to leave the matters in his hands. She stopped protesting and wrapped her hands tightly around his waist before burying her head in his chest, listening to the strong beats of his heart. “Thank you.”

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