Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 607

Despite Zachary’s reassurance, Charlotte still could not help but feel anxious about meeting Henry.

Charlotte recalled her first encounter with Henry. She was full of confidence and arrogance, absolutely sure of her resolve to not have anything to do with Zachary.

But now, the tables had turned and she wanted to marry Zachary. Her love for Zachary had turned out to be her soft spot and Henry’s approval of her became a priority.

“Let’s get some rest.” Zachary was about to head upstairs with Charlotte when they heard a car pulling up just outside.

One of the bodyguards dashed to Zachary and reported, “Mr. Nacht, Mr. Henry is here.”

Instead of his own residence, Henry made his way here straight from the hospital. The fact that he had chosen a time before the children came home from kindergarten was a clear indication that he wanted to have a private conversation with both Zachary and Charlotte.

Charlotte instantly grew nervous and at a loss of what to do next.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be by your side,” Zachary said while holding her hand and started walking toward the door.

As though it was well-rehearsed many times before, all the bodyguards and maids swiftly formed two straight lines in front of the car. Mrs. Berry, who was unpacking in the room, also rushed out with the rest of them. Her expression grew grim the moment she was informed that the patriarch of the family had just arrived.

So, this is the person whose blessing Miss will need to get for her to marry into the Nacht family.

Zachary opened the passenger door and helped his grandfather step off the car while the bodyguards pushed a wheelchair over.

Whilst helping Henry get into his wheelchair, Zachary noticed the elder man’s stiff legs and frowned. “Your legs are still not fully recovered. They’ll need more time to heal properly.”

“I’ll heal better if you stop acting like a spoiled rascal!” Henry snapped.

Zachary shrugged and started pushing Henry forward in silence.

The patriarch lifted his piercing cold gaze at Charlotte who stood waiting at the door.

“Hi, Grandpa,” she greeted softly.

“It’s Mr. Henry!” Henry corrected Charlotte sternly while turning his face away. “I have not accepted you into my family.”

Charlotte lowered her head, saying no more.

Mrs. Berry, on the other hand, was about to reason with the elder man but was stopped by Charlotte.

Zachary took one look at Charlotte and continued pushing Henry inside the house.

“When are the kids coming home?” Henry asked while checking his watch.

“Five o’clock.” Zachary understood his grandfather’s cue. “Shall we proceed to the study room?”

“Hmm,” Henry replied in a dominant voice. “Get her to come long.”

“Alright,” Zachary said while shooting Charlotte a quick glance.

Oh dear, here it comes. As Charlotte marched behind Zachary, a protective Mrs. Berry wanted to follow suit but was once again stopped by Charlotte. “Mrs. Berry, you must be tuckered out. Why don’t you go get some rest?”

“But Miss, the old man looks like he’s about to eat you up! I can’t let him do that to you.” The loyal housekeeper was concerned.

“Don’t you worry. Zachary has my back on this.” Charlotte let out a chuckle. “Besides, Mr. Nacht loves the kids. I’m sure he won’t mistreat their mother.”

“That’s true.” Mrs. Berry nodded.

“Also, you haven’t seen the kids in a long while. When they’re back later, they’ll surely be roughhousing around. You’ll need to have enough energy to handle them,” Charlotte continued to persuade her.

Mrs. Berry finally conceded. “Okay then. I’ll go unpack now and take a nap. But you have to have some confidence in yourself. After all, you did give them three wonderful grandkids.”

“I will.” After seeing Mrs. Berry to her room, Charlotte arrived at the study room on the second floor.

Zachary helped Henry get comfortable on the sofa while Mrs. Rawlston set some tea and desserts on the coffee table before retreating from the room.

Ben and Bruce guarded dutifully outside the room.

Spencer stood quietly behind Henry, ready to cater to his boss’ commands.

Zachary had his hand wrapped around Charlotte’s shoulder while they were seated across from Henry.

While Zachary sat casually with his legs crossed, Charlotte sat up straight, akin to a student sitting in the principal office.

Henry took a few sips of the tea before he finally spoke, “Am I dead to you now? Some nerves you have for sending out all the wedding invitations without first going through me!”

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