Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 649

“I’m sure you know how stubborn your aunt can be. She will never hand over the antidote to you,” Henry threatened again, “unless I tell her to!”


“You should also be aware of what I’m capable of.” Henry didn’t allow Zachary a chance to speak as he continued, “If I choose to protect her, there is no way you can lay a finger on her.”

Zachary furrowed his brows as he knew Henry was right.

“If I disallow Zara from handing over the antidote, Charlotte will die without me having to lift a finger,” Henry threatened viscously. “I am only showing her mercy on the account of the three children by allowing her to live.”

Zachary fell silent having heard Henry’s words.

Weighing his options, he realized he didn’t seem to have a choice other than to leave Charlotte.

She was the daughter of his father’s murderer and a descendant of their natural enemies. Even if he disregarded the bad blood between them, she would still be a burden to the Nacht family and the children would also be dragged into it…

More importantly, if he didn’t break up with her, she would still die without the antidote.

“Think carefully about it.” Henry didn’t give Zachary a choice. “Sending her away is for the best.”

Just as he spoke, Bruce entered in a hurry. After bowing to Henry, he whispered into Zachary’s ear. “We have her but she refuses to hand over the antidote no matter what we say. Furthermore, we don’t dare torture her.”

At the same time, Olivia barged in, sobbing desperately, “Mr. Zachary, come quickly, Charlotte…”

“What happened?” Zachary ran out immediately.

“She suddenly had a splitting headache and lost a lot of blood…”

Olivia’s voice trembled as she choked.

Zachary rushed to the holding room and saw Charlotte lying on the sofa. She was grimacing in pain while holding her head. Blood was flowing out of her nose, smearing all over her white wedding gown.

Mrs. Berry was holding her hand, crying and trembling at the same time. “Miss…”

Hayley was beside her using acupuncture to relieve the pain but it didn’t seem to work at all.

Charlotte was still in excruciating pain.

“What’s going on? The pain was never this serious before.” Hayley panicked as she was at a loss.

“Mr. Nacht.” Raina looked at Zachary and reported, “Ms. Windt is having a relapse. The painkillers don’t seem to be working either. Shall we give her a sedative?”

“No,” Hayley interrupted, “I’ve some medication here. She will sleep right after drinking it.”

“Step aside.” Zachary hurried over and held Charlotte’s hand tightly. Looking at how she was suffering, he felt so heartbroken that it suffocated him. He then made a decision. “Give her the medication.”

“Alright.” Hayley quickly fed it to Charlotte.

Very quickly, Charlotte began to calm down. Holding Zachary’s hand, she fell into a deep sleep.

Suddenly, Zachary felt that there was something in her hand. When he opened it, he saw that it was his ring.

She had held it in her hands, wanting to put it on for him. Alas, she no longer had the opportunity to do so.

All she could do was hold on to it tightly. Even when she was beset by pain, she didn’t let go. Her grip was so tight that it made a deep imprint in her palm.

Zachary took the ring from her and put it on his ring finger. After that, he placed the back of her hand on his cheeks and murmured, “Please leave us. I want to be alone with her for a while.”

“Of course.” Mrs. Berry ushered everyone else out.

Ben and his troop of bodyguards stood guard vigilantly by the door.

Mrs. Berry, Olivia, and Hayley were filled with concern as they paced around outside.

“Mrs. Berry, take the ladies to grab a bite. With us here, Ms. Windt will be fine,” Ben reassured her. “Come back when you’re done.”

“I have no appetite.” Mrs. Berry could only think about Charlotte. But when it occurred to her that Olivia and Hayley were guests, she remarked, “Olivia, Hayley, come with me.”

After that, the three of them left.

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