Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 701

Lupine started taking things seriously. She had the dart in her hand and examined it carefully before she tossed it.

The dart brushed past the petals and cut a small section out of it.

She needed to avoid the branches and the leaves, so it was extremely difficult to achieve any of that.

“Is that it?”

Ben scoffed and picked up a dart before adjusting it in his hand. He aimed and let the dart loose.

The dart zipped over and knocked a huge portion of the petal down.

The cheers on-site became louder, and everyone was calling out Ben’s name.

Zachary’s lips curved into a small grin before he continued sipping his drink.

“Not bad,” complimented Charlotte nonchalantly. She suddenly recalled something and said simply, “Mr. Nacht, we haven’t discussed the terms of our bet.”

“Oh?” blurted Zachary. He stared at her in amusement before asking, “What would you like to bet then, Ms. Lindberg?”

“If I win the bet, you will have to do me a favor,” replied Charlotte as she narrowed her eyes at him with a sly grin on her face.

“Sure,” answered Zachary without a second thought.

“Aren’t you going to ask what that favor is?” asked Charlotte with a raised brow.

“I can do anything as long as it is not illegal or immoral,” replied Zachary confidently. “Besides, I won’t lose!”

“Is that so?” scoffed Charlotte. “Well, I’ll look forward to our bet then.”

“What do I get out of the bet if you lose?” asked Zachary as he inched closer to her while swirling his drink.

“Name whatever it is you desire,” answered Charlotte boldly.

“I want you…” murmured Zachary as he slightly tilted his body to her. His gaze burned with the hunger of a beast when he continued, “To spend the night with me.”

No one spoke.

The crowd gasped upon hearing those words.

Everyone knew that Zachary was wild and arrogant, but they didn’t realize the extent of his arrogance. He actually made such an unreasonable request to the second-biggest shareholder of Lindberg Corporation who is equally powerful and on par with him!

Such arrogance!

The bodyguards of the Lindberg family were so angry that their faces were distorted as they glared at Zachary. If looks could kill, Zachary would be pushing the daisies by now.

Ben, Marino, and the other bodyguards of the Nacht family were all grinning happily to see their master in the lead.

These ladies had been pushing our buttons time and again. It’s about time we give them a taste of their own medicine

Good job, Mr. Nacht!

“Mr. Nacht truly is my idol,” said a businessman sincerely. “I am impressed once again.”

“You’re right. He really is bold. I won’t even dare…”

The other businessman replied in a soft voice, but he quickly clamped his mouth shut. He realized that his words were extremely offensive toward the Lindberg Corporation.

“Mr. Nacht truly is something else…”

Everyone was excited, and they gathered to watch the show.

“Hah,” sneered Charlotte. “Your reputation is just, Zachary Nacht.”

“Why? Are you too chicken to gamble? Or do you think you’d lose?” taunted Zachary arrogantly as he leaned back on the black leather chair he was sitting on.

“Of course I won’t lose,” replied Charlotte, who refused to admit defeat. She then added, “Fine, I accept the terms. I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget once you lost.”

“I look forward to it!” said Zachary with a gleeful grin.

Charlotte’s face was red with fury. She was glaring at Zachary when she instructed Lupine, “You must win this competition!”

“Understood, Ms. Lindberg,” said Lupine. She grabbed a dart and knocked Ben away. “Get out of my way!”

“Hey, you…” growled Ben. His knuckles were cracking, and if it wasn’t for the bet holding him down, he would’ve gotten into a fight against her.

Lupine grabbed a dart and narrowed her eyes to adjust her vision before she threw it. Zip!

At that crucial moment, Morgan suddenly moved, and the dart landed directly at the center, causing petals to fly everywhere. They landed on Morgan’s face and clothes.

Morgan blinked. Seeing those petals got her to grin happily.

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