Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 703


Everyone gasped once more. Their minds practically short-circuited.

W-wow. Mr. Nacht is really going all out to court her. Guess the old wives’ tale was right. Even heroes can’t defeat a beautiful lady.

Looks like it doesn’t matter how devoted he is to his company and career. He loves this woman more.

He’s actually willing to perform a striptease just to make her smile?

Every thought passing through the spectators’ minds highlighted their admiration for Zachary’s dedication.

They were astonished. Looks like even the mightiest of men would fall prey to a vixen.

This is both sad and admirable.

Charlotte laughed aloud. She seemed pleased when she said, “Your reputation is just, Mr. Nacht. You’re actually keeping your word, and I am truly impressed.”

Lupine, Morgan, and the others giggled happily.

It seemed that everyone was certain of Lindberg Corporation’s victory.

After all, they were the ones who made the rules. It was impossible for them to not win.

“Well then, let’s continue,” said Charlotte eagerly. She couldn’t wait to see the end result, so she waved at Ben and reminded him, “Don’t worry. You’re not the one who has to dance naked, anyway.”

Ben stared at the face that was once familiar and friendly. That same beautiful face was shining with arrogance and cruelty at that moment. Ben swore to himself, I will never be with a woman in this lifetime! Women are the root of all evil…

“What are you still standing there for?” urged Zachary. “Go on!”

Ben felt his heart oozing with disappointment, for the Mr. Nacht that they looked up to had lost all his dignity for a woman.

He sighed inwardly. Whatever… Here goes nothing.

Ben took a deep breath and picked up the last dart before walking into the right position.

“Hurry up already!” urged Lupine from the side. She was already holding her dart and was ready. She was certain that Ben wouldn’t hit his target, so she was waiting for him to fail.

The Linberg family’s bodyguards were all exuding confidence and were urging Ben to hurry with their gazes.

Every bodyguard employed by the Nacht family looked troubled. They felt hopeless because even their boss had sided with the enemy.

They sighed to themselves.

Ben narrowed his eyes and tossed the dart.

Morgan saw that the dart was about to hit the petal, so she moved away immediately. Just then, an ice cube flew over and hit her in the right cheek. That stopped her from moving away and got her to crouch down a little.

The dart flew past the rose petal and landed on the board behind it, quivering a little as it found its target.

The crimson red petal fell slowly, gliding down Morgan’s black skirt, and landed in the wine glass.

It felt as if time had stopped, and the air seemed frozen.

Everyone’s jaw dropped and they were holding their breaths as they stared intently at that rose petal.

It took some time before someone came around and shouted, “We won!”

“The Nacht family won!”

The business tycoons followed suit and cheered excitedly.

“We won!”

Even the Nacht family’s bodyguards, who had always been quiet, became excited.

Marino walked over and snatched the flower stalk from Morgan. He showed it to everyone and exclaimed, “Look! There are no petals left on it. We won. We won!”

It was only then that Ben snapped back to his senses. He seemed pleased as he grinned. A moment later, realization dawned upon him and he turned to look at Zachary.

The former’s eyes shone with respect and admiration.

Turns out, Mr. Nacht has never changed…

“Good game,” commented Zachary as he wiped the water off of his hand gracefully.

“D-did you do something just now?”

Charlotte was frowning deeply as she stared at Zachary’s hand.

He moved too quickly earlier, so she never registered what she saw.

There’s no doubt about it. He must’ve done something. He picked up a piece of ice and threw it over at that crucial moment to hit Morgan’s right cheek.

Morgan instinctively moved away, causing the dart to land perfectly…

“I did,” admitted Zachary. He even grinned with his brows raised when he asked, “Like you girls, we worked together pretty well too, right?”


“This doesn’t count. You’re obviously cheating!” growled Lupine angrily.

Zachary tilted his head and turned to her. His gaze was soft with a hint of hostility.

That frightened Lupine so much that she took a step back and didn’t dare to say another word.

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