Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 705

“There is no such thing as an eternal enemy,” said Zachary all of a sudden.

Charlotte was slightly taken aback. She then grinned and sneered, “Are you asking for a cease-fire, Mr. Nacht?”

“You can interpret it however you like,” replied Zachary. He suddenly circled his arms around her thin waist and pulled her into his embrace before he added, “Either way, you are mine tonight.”

Charlotte wasn’t repulsed by him, nor did she deny him anything. She simply extended her slender hands and gently touched his chest before teasing, “We’ll talk if you can keep up.”

Charlotte shoved him away as hard as she could the second she finished speaking. She hiked up her dress and dashed forward barefooted.

Zachary grinned as he watched her run from him.

The refreshing night wind made Charlotte’s hair danced while her white dress flew with the breeze.

Her beautiful figure was undeniably alluring under the moonlight.

Zachary’s heart thumped wildly at that sight, and he sped up to chase after her.

Charlotte cast a long shadow under the moonlight, and she was right in front of him.

He was right behind her shadow and could have caught her if he just reached out, but he kept his distance.

He enjoyed the sensation of being a predator chasing his prey, and he was feeling contented at that moment. He also wanted to give her some time to relax and be carefree.

Charlotte turned around to face Zachary when she noticed that they had been running for a while, but he hadn’t caught up to her. She grinned mischievously and teased, “Can’t keep up?”

“Hah!” scoffed Zachary. He then sped up and reached out to hold her beautiful arm.

Surprised, Charlotte quickly moved away to avoid his touch before she pushed forward.

He continued chasing after her. However, he restrained himself and kept about three meters between them.

Charlotte’s bare feet were running on the clean, even road under the moonlight.

He seemed amused as he stared at her back. He was like a predator looking at his prey, and it didn’t matter how fast she ran. She would never be able to escape him.

The trees that were planted on both sides of the road cast a row of orderly shadows while the streetlights that illuminated the road showed two individuals hanging out and playing together.

The scene was so sweet and romantic that it looked like it was plucked straight from a movie.

“If you haven’t caught me when I reach that streetlight, you will lose your opportunity to be with me tonight.”

Charlotte was holding her dress when she turned around and grinned at Zachary. Her petite figure seemed especially adorable that night.

“Are you shamelessly going back on your words?” asked Zachary while narrowing his eyes.

“Don’t you know that women are naturally shameless?” teased Charlotte with a smile.

Upon saying those words, she forged ahead again.

Her figure was as beautiful as an angel’s, and under the moonlight, she looked ethereal.

Zachary grinned at her. His speed remained constant until she was about three or four meters away from the streetlight. That was when he suddenly zipped over and reached out to grab Charlotte’s arm.

He was about to get ahold of her when a black, unidentified object with a menacing aura sped down from the sky.

“Mr. Nacht, watch out!” shouted Ben in a worried tone.

Zachary avoided that object quickly, but the back of his hand was still cut. The sharp wing brushed past his clothes and flew toward the men behind him.

Ben and Marino moved away in time to avoid being hit.

The unidentified object spun around in the sky before it flew back down and calmly landed on Charlotte’s shoulder.

Zachary took a closer look. The hell? It’s an eagle!

At that moment, the eagle’s sharp and piercing eyes were glaring murderously at Zachary.

“Fifi, you’re acting up again!” scolded Charlotte while caressing the eagle’s wings. She smiled brightly as she introduced, “This is my pet eagle. I call it Fifi.”

Back then, when Danrique gave her the bird, he let her give it a name. At the time, Charlotte instinctively blurted, “Fifi!”

She didn’t know why she gave her pet such a stupid name, but at the time, that was the word that popped into her head.

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