Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 706

And she says she’s not Charlotte Windt? She even gave her pet the same name!

Zachary raised his brows and stepped closer to Charlotte.

Charlotte stared at him, but she kept backing away as she reminded, “We said that you’d lose your shot tonight if you haven’t caught up to me when we reach the streetlight.”

“You’re not there yet,” replied Zachary with narrowed eyes. He then dashed forward to capture her.

The eagle suddenly attacked again and blocked Zachary’s moves.

As Fifi did so, Charlotte turned around and leaned against the streetlight in a graceful manner. Her cheerful laughter was addictive as she gloated, “Haha, I won!”


The eagle yelped in pain. Zachary had hurt its wings, which prompted the eagle to peck on his hand. However, he was faster, and he caught the bird by its neck at lightning speed.

With Zachary’s strength, the annoying bird would soon be dead.

“No!” shrieked Charlotte.

Zachary paused for a moment before he loosened his hold.

The eagle broke free of Zachary’s hold and flapped its wings to get back to Charlotte’s shoulder. It was no longer as proud as it used to be.

Charlotte gave the eagle a once-over and noted that it had lost a lot of feathers around its neck. Its wings were also injured. Enraged, she huffed, “Zachary Nacht, you are such a crude man!”

“I am already merciful enough by sparing its life,” refuted Zachary.

He got a handkerchief out of his possession and gently wiped the blood off the back of his hand.

“You…” complained Charlotte, but she soon realized that she didn’t really have anything to say. She was the one who got out of line when she shamelessly backed out of her deal, and her pet was the one who ambushed him. Given Zachary’s temper, it was uncharacteristically merciful of him to spare Fifi’s life.

“I will let you off this once tonight. You won’t be so lucky the next time!” warned Zachary.

He stared longingly at Charlotte before turning around and leaving.

Ben and the others followed along quickly.

Charlotte glared at Zachary’s back as she gently stroked Fifi’s wings.

“Ms. Lindberg, are you alright?” asked Lupine, Morgan, and the others who had quickly rushed over.

“That man is so crude. He actually attacked a pet,” complained Lupine angrily.

“I know, right?” agreed Morgan.

“He would’ve been the one who is hurt if he didn’t fight back,” said Charlotte with a smile. “Fifi is no ordinary pet.”

“That’s true…”

“Mr. Nacht, are you really letting her go just like that?” protested Ben. “Those women really are shameless.”

“Exactly. They keep changing the rules in their favor,” said Marino, who was upset as well.

“What else can I do if not let her go? Rape her?” refuted Zachary in an annoyed tone.

“Uh…” Both Ben and Marino were speechless. That was certainly something they would not agree to.

When they returned to their room, Ben got the medical kit over immediately to treat Zachary’s injuries.

Luckily, Zachary had reacted swiftly. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have just a scratch. After all, with how wild the eagle was, it could’ve crippled his hand.

“I’ve heard rumors about how Danrique enjoys keeping wild animals as pets. Seems like those rumors are true,” commented Ben while frowning. “He must be the one who gave Ms. Windt… Ah, I mean, Ms. Lindberg that eagle.”

“That eagle is ferocious and untamed,” reminded Zachary. “You guys have to be careful.”

“Ms. Windt really is something else. Back then, she kept a tiny parrot as a pet, but now, she actually has an eagle as her pet!” exclaimed Ben. “That woman changes so drastically that it’s as if she’s an entirely different person!”

“But is that really Ms. Windt?” said Marino, who couldn’t believe it. He pointed out, “She used to be so sweet and so easily frightened that she would tremble at the sight of others fighting. How did she become so terrifying?”

“Women are even fiercer than eagles when they want to be,” said Ben. He deliberately made everything sound scarier than it was when he warned, “Stay far, far away from those creatures… And keep your distance from the eagles too.”

“Yes, you’re right,” agreed Marino while nodding. His impression of women had been crushed after meeting those female bodyguards who worked for the Lindberg family.

At that moment, Marino felt as if women were as scary as an untamable eagle and should be kept far away.

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