Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 720

“Charlotte, I-I…”

Louis wanted to explain, but droplets of sweat were rolling down his cheeks from his forehead, and he could not manage to speak a proper sentence.

“Who brought you here?”

Charlotte was not angry and her tone was calm. After her question, she began giving the place a once-over. That’s strange. Why does this place look so familiar?

“About that…” Louis was about to reveal Zachary’s name, but he realized that would mean he was a bad friend. Hence, he said instead, “Charlotte, I didn’t do anything just now. I was holding my ground, and I’ve yet to… You know.”


Charlotte glanced at his pants. His belt was unbuckled, but his pants were still on.

So, despite all her efforts earlier, that pretty girl in red hasn’t gotten her way yet.

How pitiful.

“Don’t be angry.” Louis moved forward, about to tug Charlotte’s sleeve.

However, she took a step back and avoided his hands. “I’m not.”

“Then why are you…” Louis trailed off, feeling hurt by her apathetic demeanor.

“You touched someone else earlier,” Charlotte muttered as she maintained a distance from him. “I’m going to leave first. We’ll meet another day.”

“Charlotte—” Louis was about to speak, but Charlotte had already turned and left.

Looking at her retreating figure, Louis felt his heart sink in disappointment. At the same time, he felt remorseful for what he had done earlier.

Just then, two bodyguards entered and quietly consoled, “Sir, don’t be upset. Ms. Lindberg’s reaction means that she’s concerned about you.”

“Really?” Louis’ eyes lit up with hope.

“Yes, that’s right. She’s clearly jealous,” the other bodyguard added.

“Right. She’s jealous.” Recalling Charlotte’s reaction from a moment ago, delight entered Louis’ heart. “She must be jealous!”

“Maybe this is good news,” the bodyguard continued. “She used to swing between being enthusiastic and aloof back then. That means she was unsure of her feelings toward you. After this incident, she’s starting to think of her feelings for you as something important.”

“So, I guess this is… How do you say this in C Nation’s language? Something is disguise?”

“A blessing in disguise.”

“Yes, yes. That’s the one I was going for.”

Hearing their reassurances, Louis’ light blue eyes were bright with hope. He suddenly felt that he had managed to get on the right path despite all his wrong turns today.

Meanwhile, Charlotte had not left the place. Seconds after she walked out of the room, she instructed Lupine, “Find out who that room belongs to.”

“Understood.” Lupine instantly left to work on it.

“Ms. Lindberg, are we leaving now? Should I get someone to prep the car?” Morgan asked.

“No.” Looking at her surroundings, Charlotte felt a wave of familiarity bombarding her. She was sure she had been here in the past. “Let’s have fun in one of the private rooms.”

“What?” Morgan was taken aback by her words.

At her reaction, Charlotte frowned.

Instantly, Morgan lowered her head and uttered, “Yes, I’ll work on it right away.”

She then left to look for Sultry Night’s manager to get a private room.

Charlotte then brought the remaining six bodyguards out to the public area. Another wave of familiarity struck when she looked at the young women dancing on the stage and the young people swaying with the beat off the stage.

It seems like I used to frequent here.

Right then, Zachary, who had been watching Charlotte from a hidden corner, narrowed his eyes. He, too, would like to know what was going on.

Is she feeling nostalgic, or has she really lost her memories?

“Mr. Nacht, the manager said someone is trying to check the information of our room,” Marino reported quietly. “I’ve instructed him not to let anyone know about it.”

“Good job,” Ben praised as he patted his shoulder.

“Has Louis left?” Zachary asked.

“He just did,” came Marino’s reply.

“My things are still in the room, right?”

After glancing at Charlotte’s figure, he suddenly turned toward the area of the private rooms.

“Yes. I’ve kept it in your room’s safe.”


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