Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 731

“What’s wrong? Do I have to repeat myself?” Henry exclaimed in anger.

“No!” The bodyguard looked down hurriedly before saying, “Yes, sir!”

With that, the bodyguards grabbed their guns.

Outside, Ben and Marino had closed the gates, blocking Charlotte and her entourage outside.

Outside, the women were yelling, “Didn’t Henry Nacht ask us to apologize in person? Here we are. Why are you refusing us entry?”

“Right! You kept warning us, saying our pet eagle scared your kids and pet. We’re here now to apologize with our pet eagle in tow. Why aren’t you welcoming us?”

“Open the door! Open the door!”

The women banged on the iron gates forcefully and shrieked.

In the car, Charlotte folded her arms smugly and watched the entire debacle with a smirk.

Henry knows I’m a Lindberg, but sent someone to warn me on purpose. If I do nothing, he’ll think we’re cowards.

He wants me to apologize in person, right?

Well, I’m here.

Let’s see how the Nachts deal with this.

“They don’t look like they are here to apologize,” Marino declared with his teeth gritted. “They are here to gloat!”

“We need to make them leave now,” Ben replied anxiously. “If Mr. Nacht sees Ms. Lindberg, we’ll be in deep trouble.”

“If they are men, I can start a fight!” Marino seemed furious. “But they are women. We can’t convince them to leave or start a fight with them. Nothing will make them leave. This is seriously frustrating!”

“That’s true…” The other bodyguards nodded in agreement.

“Cowards!” Ben glared at them indignantly. He went up to Charlotte’s bodyguards and told them, “Apology accepted. You can leave now!”

He was trying to make them leave.

“We haven’t met Mr. Henry Nacht. Who are you to say our apology has been accepted?” Lupine arched a brow and sneered, “What if Mr. Henry Nacht sends someone to reprimand us after we leave?”

“Yeah!” Morgan chimed in. “Ms. Lindberg is here to offer her sincerest apology.”

“Yes. Well, we accept your sincere apology. So you can leave now.”

Just then, Ben spotted Henry’s men coming out armed with guns, so he pushed the iron gates frantically, trying to chase those women away.

Alas, the women stood their ground and hurled insults at them.

Marino and the other bodyguards balled their hands into fists, enraged.

Noting that Henry’s men didn’t appear, and Zachary deliberately avoided her by sending his bodyguards to dismiss them, Charlotte grew increasingly impatient.

She opened her convertible top and released her eagle.

The eagle let out an ear-piercing shriek which echoed across the hill before it headed straight for the Nachts.

“Be careful!” Ben deftly avoided the eagle’s attack as he was behind the iron gate. Failing to attack him, the eagle swoop down and targeted the other bodyguards.

After successfully clawing Marino and the others, the eagle flew inside the villa.

“Hurry, shoot it!” Spencer’s subordinates raised their guns and aimed.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

A few shots rang in the air. The eagle’s wings were hurt, but it still headed straight into the villa without hesitation.

At the sight of the eagle, Jamie and Ellie were screaming at the top of their lungs and shivering in fear.

Spencer was standing beside Robbie to protect him, but after hearing the gunshots, the little boy dashed out to see what was going on. Instantly, his unprotected figure became the target of the eagle.

As soon as the eagle flew into the villa, it came for Robbie.

Robbie’s eyes widened. He looked up and gaped at the eagle, aghast.

“Robbie!” Henry howled.

At the same time, Zachary stepped out of his room to witness this horrible scene. He wanted to rescue his son, but it was too late.

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