Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 732

“Robbie!” Jamie wailed desperately and tried to run to his brother, but Henry refused to release his grip on him.

“Ahh!” Ellie covered her face and screamed in terror.

The eagle was about to attack Robbie when a whistle sounded outside in the nick of time.

Immediately, the eagle came to a stop and hovered midair, gazing sharply at Robbie.

Robbie met its gaze, utterly petrified.

It was a stalemate between an eagle and a six-year-old boy. A tensed silence hung in the air.

“Robbie!” Suddenly, a high-pitched wail broke the silence.

A little green figure darted toward the eagle like an arrow and started pecking on the eagle’s wings.

The eagle turned slowly and stared at the parrot coldly.

Both Jamie and Ellie were dumbfounded as they stared at their pet parrot, Fifi.

After all, Fifi was throwing its tiny figure in front of the predatory eagle without any hint of fear.

As expected, the eagle flapped its wings lightly and sent Fifi flying through the air.


Ellie dashed out to catch her beloved Fifi. She lost her balance and toppled to the ground. It didn’t hurt, but when the eagle’s sharp gaze landed on her, she burst into tears.

Upon hearing her wails, the eagle tilted its head curiously and flapped its wings to fly toward her.

“Ah! Ahh!” Ellie’s shrieks turned louder.

As her face turned red, she trembled profusely in horror. Her grip on Fifi tightened, nearly breaking Fifi’s neck in half.

Right then, Zachary sprinted downstairs in time and stood in front of Ellie in a protective stance. He flung his fist at the eagle.

The eagle narrowed its gaze and flew out at once.

It had learned its lesson after being punched by Zachary back then.

“Ellie, Robbie!” Henry called for his great-grandchildren anxiously. “Are you alright?”

Ellie couldn’t stop sobbing as the dread remained in her heart.

Outside, the children’s faint cries stabbed straight into Charlotte’s heart like an iron shard, causing her to wince in pain.

Looking down at her chest, she realized there was a void in her heart, as though she had lost something important.

I think I forgot something significant in my life.

The eagle screeched noisily as it flew out.

Spencer’s men were about to shoot it, but Bruce stopped them. “That’s enough. If something happens, the consequences will be horrible!”

The eagle crashed into the car with blood seeping out from its wings.

“Fifi’s hurt!” Morgan’s expression contorted in anger upon seeing the blood. She entered the car and grabbed her gun. “How dare they bully us? I’ll make sure they pay for it!”

“Stop it!” Charlotte roared suddenly.

Morgan froze in her tracks and turned back in bewilderment. “Ms. Lindberg!”

“Let’s go back,” said Charlotte as she pressed a hand against her chest. With her brows knitted together, she seemed to be in extreme anguish.

“Ms. Lindberg, what’s wrong?” Lupine sensed something was amiss.

“Let’s go!” Charlotte growled out lowly.


Everyone got into their vehicles immediately and drove away.

Seeing their departure, Ben heaved a sigh of relief.

Bruce scurried over and caught a peek of Charlotte in the car. “No wonder you said she resembles Ms. Windt. This is Ms. Windt, no doubt!”

“I’m still wondering if she’s indeed Ms. Windt. Otherwise, why didn’t she recognize her kids?”

Ben frowned as he watched Charlotte’s convoy sped off.

“That was weird.”

Bruce was puzzled, too. It seemed strange that Charlotte would take revenge on the kids, no matter how mad she was at Henry and Zachary.

That was close!

That eagle might be her pet, but it’s still a wild animal.

Mr. Robbie would have been hurt if it didn’t stop in time just now.

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