Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 733

“Is it gone?” Spencer rushed out to check.

“It’s gone, Mr. Spencer,” reported Bruce.

“Mr. Nacht is furious, so you better lay low,” suggested Spencer before he turned to enter the house.

“Well, I’m done for.”

Ben knew that although Spencer had not explicitly mentioned it, Henry could still tell. His subordinates had failed to prevent the eagle from flying in because Spencer had blocked them on multiple times.

Thus, Henry was definitely going to unleash his wrath on Spencer.

“You’ll just have to bear a bit of caning,” comforted Bruce as he patted his shoulder. “Mr. Nacht is old enough to not have the strength to draw blood.”

“Take the child to the room,” Zachary said as he made a gesture.

Mrs. Rawlston and a few maids rushed to bring the three kids to the room.

Ellie was not crying anymore. Rather, her entire body was ice cold, and her face was devoid of color.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here. Everything is going to be fine.” Zachary hugged her and gently soothed her. “Be a good girl and go rest in your room. I’ll join you soon.”

“Okay.” Ellie’s small face was still streaked with tears, but she nodded bravely.

Zachary shook his head and then looked at Robbie. His heart ached as he uttered, “Are you okay?”

Robbie seemed out of sorts as he shook his head silently.

“That eagle was so scary,” whimpered Jamie who was clutching a shivering Fifi. “We were already scared when we heard noises in the car. I can’t believe it flew into the house today.”

Ellie whimpered, and she was on the verge of tears again.

“Don’t be scared, Ellie. I won’t talk about it.” Jamie hurriedly comforted her.

“Daddy, who does the eagle belong to?” Robbie asked with a frown.

“I’ll explain it to you later. Go to your room for now.” Zachary said as he stroked Robbie’s head.

“Mrs. Rawlston!” Henry shot her a look.

Mrs. Rawlston brought several maids with her as they coaxed the three children upstairs.

“When will Raina arrive?” Henry asked Spencer.

“I called her, and she said that she’s bringing the child psychologist with her. They should be here soon,” replied Spencer respectfully.

“Fine.” Henry nodded and turned his attention to Ben. At once, he called out angrily, “Kneel!”

Ben was petrified, and he hastily dropped to his knees.

Following that, Marino and the eight bodyguards knelt in two neat rows.

“You too,” barked Henry as he glared at Bruce.

“Me?” Bruce was completely taken aback. “Mr. Nacht, I didn’t…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Spencer shaking his head and shooting him a look.

He immediately snapped his jaw shut and fell to his knees as well with a clean thud.

Likewise, his eight subordinates followed suit.

Henry’s sharp gaze scanned the group. After a while, he turned to stare at Zachary and said, “Tell me the truth now. What’s going on?”

Zachary frowned, and he lowered his gaze. He was trying hard to temper his emotions.

Previously, he hid the matter to avoid a confrontation with the Lindberg family. He did not want Henry to know Charlotte’s identity.

However, Charlotte had charged into the house and caused such a commotion. Hence, Henry could no longer ignore the matter.

Henry had been in the business industry for some time and had learned to read people well. When he first saw that silver Rolls-Royce, he had suspected that they were from Lindberg Corporation. Later, he had sent someone to look into the matter, but Zachary had hidden everything.

He had long suspected that there was more to the story than what met the eye.

After Charlotte’s incident, Henry had stopped micro-managing Zachary. He kept one eye closed on most matters. However, he did not expect that the Lindberg Corporation would use the opportunity to provoke them.

Besides, Zachary’s people did not handle the situation promptly, and instead, they allowed it to become a mess.

There must be something wrong.

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