Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 734

Although Henry guessed that something was wrong, he would never expect that the person living in Northridge was Charlotte.

Perhaps he’ll find out eventually, but I can only hide it for as long as I could.

“I have my plans. It’s not the right time to have a conflict with the Lindberg family,” replied Zachary.

“They’re completely taking advantage of you! What do you mean by the right time?” Henry was quaking with anger at that moment. “If it wasn’t for luck, Robbie and Ellie would be in trouble.”

“You’re right. They went too far this time. I can’t ignore this anymore,” said Zachary as he nodded.

It was out of character for Zachary to patiently explain as he did. He was not his usual argumentative and arrogant self.

Nonetheless, Henry was no longer as sharp as he used to be. He turned to glare at Ben and said, “You, continue kneeling outside. Make sure you keep watch so those disgusting things don’t come flying back in. If even one feather makes it in, I’ll chop off your hand!”

“Yes, sir!”

Ben’s reply was forceful but bright. It indicated his resignation to receive his punishment bravely.

“Get out!” Henry bellowed.

Ben immediately led the rest of the men out. They dashed out the metal door and kneeled in neat rows.

Meanwhile, Spencer went to check and reported their actions to Henry. “They’ve assumed the kneeling positions and are currently as straight as arrows!”

Henry’s enraged gaze fell on Bruce. “From now on, if I find out that you’re keeping any secrets from me, you’ll be immediately kicked out of the Nacht family!”

Bruce shuddered and shot a fearful look at Zachary.

My punishment is so much worse that Ben’s!

Zachary silently looked away.

“Don’t look at him,” said Henry to Bruce as he coldly shot daggers at Zachary.

Bruce looked pleadingly at Spencer, and the latter nodded slightly.

Then, Bruce dipped his head and said, “You’re right, Mr. Nacht. I understand!”

“Get out,” sneered Henry.

Bruce immediately backed away with his men. Although he had not been punished, the threat was far more terrifying.

From that day onward, he knew his life was going to become even more challenging.

“Come with me to the study room.”

Henry gestured for Spencer to push him into the study room, with Zachary following behind.

When the study room door closed, Henry fixed his baleful eyes on Zachary.

“If you have something to say, just spit it out. Why are you staring at me?” Zachary’s brows were deeply furrowed.

“Are you being lenient with the Lindberg family because they’re that woman’s family?” Henry asked his grandson in a low voice.

Zachary froze. Wow. I was racking my brain for a passable excuse, but Grandpa delivered one right to me.

“I was right.” Henry sighed heavily. “Although she’s a member of the Lindberg family, she was never recognized as one of them. She doesn’t have any emotional attachment towards them, so you don’t need to make allowances for them.”

Zachary kept his head low and his lips sealed.

It’s better to say less now since silence is gold.

Grandpa will come up with a reason on his own if I just stay silent.

“You have to remember that the Lindberg family is our archenemy!” Henry reminded him earnestly. “You can’t allow your feelings to cloud your mind. Business is business, and if you make allowances for them, you’ll be treated as easy prey. Every life tied to the Nacht Group is your responsibility. You’re in charge of the rise and fall of the company and the future of those three children!”

Zachary had heard those words repeatedly over the years. He had memorized them by now.

Any idiot would be able to recite the entire spiel by heart now.

“That woman is gone. You should let her go and start a new chapter of your life.”

This was the first time in two years that Henry had brought up the topic.

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