Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 735

In the past two years, they had avoided the topic in order to preserve their relationship.

Although it had hit a nerve for Zachary, he still could not find it in himself to blame Henry.

What am I supposed to do?

It’s not like I can kill Grandpa…

I can only exact my revenge through aloofness.

“I know you resent me.” Henry let out a deep sigh. “However, hating me won’t change anything. You can’t bring her back. You can only pour all your emotions onto the three children, but don’t waste any of it on the Lindberg family.”

“I know! I know what to do.” Zachary finally blurted out.

“Are you sure?” Henry was obviously not convinced.

Upon that, Zachary silently frowned at him. He seemed to be in silent protest.

“Okay.” Henry sighed helplessly. “You better know what to do. Otherwise, I’ll squeeze the life out of the Lindberg family if it’s the last thing I’ll do!” Henry warned threateningly.

After pausing for a moment, he turned to glare sharply at Zachary. “You know that it’s not in my nature to show mercy.”

“I know.”

Of course, I’m aware. Grandpa started fighting with the Lindberg family during his era of power. He forbade dad from fraternizing with Isabella and resulted in that tragedy…

There’s no way he’ll be letting his guard down when it comes to me. He forbids me from making a connection with any of them.

I bet he never expected himself to fail after all the precautions he took.

When Zachary met her in Horington, she did not seem affiliated with the Lindberg family at all. Little did he know she was estranged from the family. Eventually, she even gave birth to three of his children.

This must be what they mean by being trapped by fate.

“Leave,” ordered Henry sternly.

Zachary had intended on persuading Henry to return to M Nation. However, the words seemed to become stuck in his throat.

He knew Henry’s temperament, and there was no way he would be willing to return after today’s incident. His three great-grandchildren were all shaken to the core, after all.

I better give it some time.

Zachary walked out of the study room to see Raina charging in with the doctors. She bowed quickly to Zachary before rushing upstairs to attend to the three children.

Henry was worried that the children would be traumatized by today’s incident. Hence, he told Spencer to ask Raina to come.

Zachary then ascended the stairs and watched the children from the entrance of the study room.

Once Raina and the child psychologists assessed the children’s mental well-being, they instructed the children to describe the experience like they were telling a story.

Jamie and Ellie described the experience like they were talking about the plot of a cartoon they had watched. This method alleviated some of their fear as they vividly brought the incident to life.

Soon, the study room was filled with their laughter.

Hearing that, Zachary smiled and turned to leave.

The Nachts don’t get scared so easily.

“Are you leaving, Mr. Nacht?”

Bruce hastily followed Zachary. Since he had been punished to kneel today, he had to stick close to Zachary.

“Louis is waiting for me.” Zachary glanced at his watch. “Let’s head to the Prince Hotel first.”

“Yes, sir.”

In the study room on the second floor, Robbie was standing next to the window. With a troubled expression, he watched Zachary’s car drive further away.

“What’s wrong, Robbie?”

Raina had noticed that Jamie and Ellie had recovered quickly, while Robbie seemed distracted. It was like he had put up walls to keep the child psychologists away.

“Nothing.” Robbie turned and walked out.

“Robbie, where are you going?” Jamie asked.

“Back to my room.”

When Robbie returned to his room, he took out a new mechanical dove and set it free outside his window. He maneuvered it to the north villa because he wanted to find out the identity of the person who had come to start trouble.

Why did the eagle have Mommy’s ring on its leg?

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